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Stroke, migraine or what have I had? Very concerned.
3 Replies
fibromite.u.k. - May 24

Hi, I have had a horrible experience. Nearly 2 weeks ago, I woke up in the early hours of the morning and vomited badly. I went back to bed and an hour later vomited badly again, but this time, I also had a really bad head like a migraine but it struck very suddenly and with no flashing lights like I normally get. I remember telling my husband when I got back in bed that my head hurt badly. When I was laying down I felt as if my head was all muzzy and strangly as if I was trying to think through masses of bubbles. I couldn't remember my age or my son's age and asked my husband. He told me my son was 21, and when I replied that he wasn't that old, that he was only 5 or 6, my husband said to me to stay where I was and phoned for an ambulance. The last thing I remember was him getting out of bed. I then completely lost five hours, during which a paramedic came and asked me questions such as what year is it, and I couldn't answer them, although I was saying to him things like "Sorry, I can't remember". I was taken into hospital, given an ECG, had blood taken, was asked more questions, asked to move my arms and legs etc, and although I did what I was asked to do, I remember nothing about any of it. About 5 hours later I found myself in a strange room, in my night clothes laying on a bed and feeling as if something was spinning round and round in my head. I was so frightened as I had no idea where I was or why I wasn't at home in bed. I was kept in hospital for a week. At first I was put on a stroke ward and told that I had had a mini-stroke called a TIA. At first I needed to be helped to the bathroom and was slightly muddled, but this improved very quickly. I was given a C.T. scan and M.R.I. scan of my brain and was told it all looked normal. The doctor then told me that I had only had a very severe migraine. I am now home, but even more tired than normal and still feel disturbed about what has happened to me. Has anyone else experienced anything like this or heard of it before? I would be so glad to hear anything about any similar experiences that you or someone you know has had. I still kind of think it was a stroke, but would that have definately shown up on the scans, or could it have been missed or something? Thank-you for any help you can give me.


bbass - May 24

I hope that you have seen a neurologist, I would definitely have this investigated. It sounds like a stroke to me, but it is strange that it didn't show up in scans. I say keep asking for answers!


jrflies - May 28

I have had 3 'headaches' similar to the one you describe. They are terrifying. Headache is just one of the symptoms and it is so extreme that even to call it a headache seems to understate the entire violence of the symptoms.
All three were headaches that I woke up with, violently sick to my stomach.
The first lasted for at least 14 hours. In my few moments of conciousness, I had thoughts like "if someone could cut my head off, this would stop", that's how bad the pain was.
With all three, I lost conciousness, was violently sick to my stomach and could not stand any sensory stimulation. 'Even my hair hurt'!
The after headache "hangover" lasted several days, during which I operated in a total fog, had an ongoing bad headache, every move, noise and light caused pain.
The first one I had accupuncture to relieve. The second one I was hospitalized after passing out from the pain. The third happened when I was abroad and after being examined by a physician in my hotel room, I was given prescriptions for pain and to keep me from vomitting.
I was hospitalized only for the day with the second one. (I refused to be taken to the hospital with the first and third ones, however my decision making skills and thought processess were severly impaired and I should have been hospitalized with all three.) I was given a CT and EKG at the hospital, and spinal tap several days later. All tests came back 'normal' and I was told that I had experienced a 'cluster headache'. I was refered to a neurologist, who physically examined me, gave me a prescription for Imitrex and told to call if it happened again.
For me these are rare, occuring out of the blue every 4-5 years. It didn't know if I was having a stroke, anneurism or what, but it was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I do not know if they are at all related to my fibromyalgia, as the first two happened prior to my diagnosis of fibromyalgia.
I know this information may not be helpful from a medical standpoint, but hopefully it helps knowing that this has happened to someone else.


fibromite.u.k. - May 30

Hi jrflies, thank-you for this. What you had sounds awful. I didn't have such a bad headache as you did, but my memory loss and the spinning inside my head were the most frightening experiences. However, I have been reading up about migraines and am amazed at the dreadful things they can do. I think now that it must have been a migraine but a very extream one and one like I have never experienced before. I am getting much better now, but it has taken a long time. For the first time yesterday, I felt I was coming out of my fog and more like my usual self. I do hope that you and I don't experience anything again like what we have described, I will never underestimate what a migraine can do again.



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