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17 Replies
TERESA - August 22

In most of the posts I've been reading says STRESS is the key to flares, but it's not stress that wakes me in the middle of the night just to roll over! It's PAIN! Stress is part of everyday life, & if it's the cause of painful flares, then how do you all deal with IT? Just another thing. People at this site have been knocking one & other for their oppinions. Isn't that what this site is for? You take what you need & leave the rest!


Jane - August 20

thankyou Teresa! I agree & I said that in my post last week. if you don't want to read a book or check out a website....then simply don't. I think that we store stress. the body has cellular memory. everything that has ever happened is stored in our cells. you may not be consciously stressed (like when you're sleeping) but it seems to come out when it wants to. somedays are terrible, fighting with my mom or trouble at work etc.. and the pain is pretty mellow. then I'll have a day that is stress-free & I am in agony. its frustrating isn't it?


wendy - August 20

take note coco!


coco - August 20

i dont need to take note of anything other than all of your poor attitudes...
this board is soon going to be closed down
better find another place to be the way you are


Lauralee - August 20

why is this forum closing down?


coco - August 20

because there are goings on here that are not good.. they are rude, harrassing and plainly to see not a good place for people with this illness


janice - August 20

this forum is NOT closing down, if they were worried about swears or heated debates they would have an auto-check in place. it says that they do not monitor the online contents on their home page. you shouldn't be telling poeple that if you don't know. take what you need & leave the rest!


TERESA - August 20

Janice, I did not say "if you don't know, take what you need & leave the rest" I simple meant that this fourm is for those looking for answers, comfort, & suggestions from others in the same situation they are! If you don't aggree with some one, than DON"T USE IT! There's no reason to curse & or belittle people for their oppinions. Funny how Jane was the only one to answer my question.


Reese - August 20

Hi Teresa, I think janice's comments were directed at CoCO not at you :)


TERESA - August 21

Thank you Reese! I did not see the period between know & take. Sorry Janice for jumping to that conclusion! Thank you Jane for your answer. Anyone else out there have ideas on how to reduce STRESS?


Ginny - August 21

I don't know if we can ever really reduce stress in our lives. I think it's more a matter of having an outlet to let it all out. things are always going to happen to throw a monkey wrench into everyday living but if we journal our feelings, confide in someone, punch some pillows or scream in the car to release it maybe it will stop trying to kill us with pain. cheers :) Gin


christian - August 21

yeah this was abit hard to understand for me to this rage that is mentioned if anyone has read MindBody perscription. There they speculate that ppl with fibro actually have unconcious rage, and suffer from some kind of childhood trauma's. This did indeed sound weird to me. I dont recall having anything very bad happen. I do know i am very very sensitive. Still trying to figure this out.
Personally with fibro i kinda know what works for me and what brings on the symptoms. I think everyone is different and kinda has to figure it out for themselves and what works best for each individual.


Kim - August 21

I am an accountant and I know stress causes my flareups and makes me feel worse. It has nothing to do with any childhood trauma oe pent up rage. My symptoms are manageable now until I get really stressed out at work with tight deadlines. I am thinking about switching careers as the stress early in the year had caused my blood pressure to go sky high and my FMS pain unbearable. I ended up taking off 2 weeks of sick leave to recover. Luckily, my boss is understanding and is trying to lighten my work load somewhat. I feel, though, that this profession is causing alot of my health problems and it's time for a change.


Mack - August 21

hey Kim. the rage thing doesn't mean it comes from your "childhood". not everyone has problems with that. you could have subconscious rage about current stressors.... like the fact that you want to change your job but can't just snap your fingers. the subconscious mind is the childish temper-tantrum side of ourselves, anything you HAVE to do & don't want to could cause a flare up. regards, Mack.


Carrie - August 21

Wow. Just returning from a very relaxing vacation, a bit of paddling around the lake, but mostly just laying back and reading by the lake - reading the postings that have been going on here causes me STRESS. Someone was asking how to deal with stress.... I think I might not log on here anymore, just to reduce my stress. This is similar to talking to my out-of-control sister last night. Her life is crazy busy and complicated, and it is that way because she loves to live in chaos... maybe she needs that rush, I don't know. But when I hung up the phone, it took me over an hour before I could unclench my jaw. That's what other people's angst does to me.

I wish everyone well, and there was a quilter who shared some info re what she was making, some clothing... I'd love to hear from you personally. I was getting ready to go on vacation and didn't catch your name. If you're out there, pls. let me know... I'll watch for your post. Carrie


TERESA - August 22

Carrie, I wrote in one of my posts that I like to embroider when I can & in a post to Karen when she wrote " SUICIDE" I told her to do something she liked, ie sewing,drawing'swimming to take her mind off the pain a least for a while. I guess I should take my own advice to reduce stress! My problem is that I have lived in chaos most of my life & now I don't know how to get away from it, it just seem to follow me. Kim, I also work in a tax office as a bookkeeper & I'm new at it . It is very stressful!


Christian - August 22

heh Carrie is all too right. I too once thought that seriously do these forums do anyone any good at all? usually just a bunch of whining here heh..only depresses one I think. Well i guess there are good and bad things about these forums. =)



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