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nannat - August 20

I'm new and would like to know if anybody finds if they go thru a real stressful situation that their pain doubles and stays their


ibritz - August 20

Stress seems to be a basic problem for those of us with FMS. One of the first things I look at when I'm in a flare, is how much stress i've been under.


Fantod - August 20

Absolutely! For most of us, a high level of stress was one of the causes/symptoms that precipated FMS in the first place. If you can consistently reduce your stress level than your pain should subside over time. Some people find that writing down things that bother them helps reduce the feeling of stress. The best course of action is to avoid it whenever and wherever possible. People who have FMS have to respect their boundries in terms of everyday living. Over extension leads to higher pain levels and when everything is said and done, it is just not worth it This is a hard concept for people to grasp whether it is the person with FMS or their family and friends. Take some time to read through the postings on this site. There is some very helpful information available. Take care.


JJ1 - August 25

Yes, stress is the trigger for my symptoms. There is usually a lag. I will make it through the stressful event but a week or two later I start having flu-like symptoms and pain. The Christmas Holidays are always hard on me. I almost always feel very bad in early January.


Gabbie - August 25

There are a few things that bring on more problems and I have found that stress brings on the symptoms very quickly. I'm also at my worst if I become overtired and damp/rainy weather often brings on a lot of pain and other symptoms.


sabu - February 3

I think my FM was caused by stress! Perfectly fine until we started building a house, the stress was unbearable and soon after I started with symptoms, legs at first but now it's mostly across my shoulders and really bad in the chest!



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