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Strange sensation in hands
10 Replies
Gabbie - September 10

I work p/t in a small retail store. I sometimes vacuum, using an upright cleaner. As I am pushing the vacuum, I begin to feel sort of shock/prickly feelings in the hand that I am holding the handle with. It's a very odd feeling and I have to stop vacuuming because it actually starts to hurt. I thought the vacuum was shorting out (it's only 2 years old) but I seem to be the only one that feels it. The others thought that maybe it's because I have fibro and all my senses seems to work overtime. Anyone have any ideas?


kathleen Paterson - September 10

Hi Gabbie I definetly get that in both hands , sometimes it happens if I bang my elbow it shoots from hands up my arms , I also get it for no reason as well , think its all part of fybro
take care


Gabbie - September 10

I have the sensations throughout the body also, but this is a little different. I feel these "electrical shocks" when I use this particular vacuum only and it stops immediately when I let go of the handle. Very strange because as I mentioned, no one else feels it. Maybe another thing to add to the list of symptoms. Hope you feeling ok Kathy.


skblackman - September 11

I get that sensation when driving or typing at work too. I think it is indeed fibro related.


Fantod - September 11

Any chance you might have carpal tunnel syndrome? It could be nerve pain from the FMS. This is nothing I have ever experienced but I am certain it would uncomfortable. Take care.


Gabbie - September 14

Fantod, I looked up the symptoms of carpal tunnel (never thought of it before) and the feelings that I have in my hands as far as the tingling, numbness and sometimes weakness fit the description so you may be right. The "shocks" that I feel from that particular vacuum can be pretty unpleasant and maybe it has to do with carpal tunnel since that does effect the nerves. Yet another thing to have, does it ever end?


ibritz - September 15

I had carpal tunnel in both hands 18 years ago and had the surgery. It helped for a while, but the pain is back again. I would go to a hand specialist and get tested. The primary testing is not comfortable at all. Make sure you take something for pain before you go. Not trying to scare you, but want you to be prepared, if the doctor orders that test. Let us know.


Fantod - September 15

Gabbie, I've had the testing too and it is not pleasant. There is a relatively new procedure for carpal tunnel which is less invasive than the old style operation. It is a keyhole procedure which leaves a smaller incision making the recovery time faster. I know a couple of people who have had it done. It certainly simplified the whole process. Yes, I know what you mean about having one more thing to cope with. I think all of us feel overwhelmed at one point or another. I just try to break things down into more manageable parts and deal with what is front of me at the moment. Take care.


niecsey - September 16

Hi l get it too even when l open a packet soup! Its lke lve been electrocuted! l tell you when l use anythign electrical lm like have al just had a shock or what? I did have carpal tunnel mentioned when l was pregnant 13 years ago and was giving splints to wear.... its never bothered me anymore until the last few years along with all the other fibro symtpoms hoping for diagnosis in 13 days time ... lve been ill for years! Good lcuk all x


Gabbie - September 17

Fantod and ibritz, Wow, I've been doing more reading about carpal tunnel and about the test done for it and I believe a tech at the rheumatology place I originally went to tried to do it. It was wires and electrodes and stuff that was put on my hands and fingers and the pain was so excruciating he had to stop the testing after not even 10 minutes because I almost passed out. I told him that there was no way I could endure anymore so that was the end of it. I was never told exactly what that test was for and I never asked because I assumed it was for the fibro since by that time, with all the other tests I had, it was pretty much apparent that I had fibromyalgia. I'm thinking that I may have carpal tunnel and I know of 2 people that have/had it and both had surgery that didn't last so right now I'm just thinking this is going to be yet another thing I have to learn to live with. At least it's sort of an answer as to why I'm feeling the "shocks" in my hand when I use the vacuum at work. Maybe I can use that as my excuse not to have to do it anymore!!


ibritz - September 18

Gabbie - Do see if your doc will write a script for the hand splints. They are not attractive, but if you wear them at night and when ever else you can, you may get some relief.



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