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3 Replies
Jeri - December 13

hi. i have only been coming to this site for about a month but it seems like its the same thing everyday.... fighting! we are all in the same boat, so why dont we try to get along. some ppl like to talk about what treatments they are taking, what books they are reading, what works for them, etc... that should be ok! in fact it is ok. thats what message boards are for! i am really sick of reading the posts everyday that are just plain mean by the same rude ppl. it is possible to state your case without insulting and attacking other ppl. most of us do, but there are some major flame-throwers lurking around this place. i have posted a few questions and have had the same half-page long medical responses as everyone else... but i ignore them. not because they arent interesting or whatever, just because its all too much to try to understand for me. anyway my point is: if u dont agree or like someones ideas then dont respond. that will put a quick end to all the fighting. i am going to totally avoid anyone who is mean out here by simply ignoring their comments. its that simple. so if u cant stop fighting, can we at least try to contain it all to 1 or 2 threads instead of polluting the whole website. i am sure that i am not the only one who feels this way. thanx.


teresat - December 13

Jrei I can undrestand you frustration, but the key words here to understanding is that "you have only been here for a month". Most of us have been here many, many months! We have had to put up with this invastion to are posts, being being berated & belittled, we are just plain fed up! This site didn't use to be like this! We have lost a lot of good poeple, with REAL NEEDS & REAL ANSWERS!! WE WOULD LOVE THEM TO STOP!!! W have tried to ignore them, but it's like a constant drip, drip, dripping!! You have just come at a bad time! Also they have to be exposed before new people like you fall for this fraud & waste your money on this voodoo! Believe it or not we want our site back too!!


teresat - December 13

PS... sorry abuot your name...JERI! I have typing dislexia!!!


CarrieLee - December 13

At the risk of being attacked yet again (Teresa...) I would like to say one thing and please don't take this the wrong way.... more than HALF of the main page is FULL of this Larry/Kathy BS. Is it necessary to start up new threads over and over again all about the SAME THING? If you want this problem to go away- constantly focusing on it surely won't do the trick! I count 17 topics ONLY about this subject in the top 20 subjects alone on the main page!!! That is just insane! Can't you see that there are newbies coming here asking legitimate questions half a page down that are not getting the time, care or answers that they deserve because the WHOLE page is covered with this crap? For goodness sakes, take a break already!



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