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Stomache Problems
5 Replies
tnichel - March 13

Just wondering if anyone else seems to be susceptible to stomach bugs, viruses and food poisoning. I switched to Cymbalta just before Thanksgiving. I know it can cause naseau. But I have been having terrible stomache cramping and pains. I'm back to eating 1-2 meals a day. If the 1st meal is too heavy or greasy it all comes back up and then my stomache is a mess for days. So now I'm only eating soup and drinking canada dry. Any suggestions would be helpful. I do have IBS but that was well under control until I switched to cymbalta. I used to get stomach bugs all the time before I was finally diagnosed with fms and place on meds about 18 months ago.


peachmelba - March 14

hi there i have horrendous stomach problems. and i think its linked to fms. everytime i have bread or chips (fries) sorry but i forget i'm english ha ha. or anything really greasey. i get lots and lots of wind and pain under my left boob in the rib area and in the chest. do you suffer like this cos i'm fedup with it. i'm that scared of eating now i've lost 45 pounds in three months my stomach wont stop giving me hassle. what is cymbalta by the way ,never heard of it take care


tnichel - March 14

Cymbalta is along the same lines as Lyrica. Both can treat depression and fms but with cymbalta you take one dosage. With lyrica you have to play around with the dosage levels. I love it b/c it did wonders for my fibro fog.

But it's the stomache problems driving me insane. I have noticed I'm more gassy,especially after eating certain foods and sugar. I've now been eating soup for a week and I can't afford to lose anymore weight. Pepto bismol didn't work either. I also had to cut out bread and cheese products. I have rib cage pain sometimes but I don't think it related to eating. I just can't figure out why the pain and naseau keep coming back and it's getting worse. Thanks for replying.


JOEGIRL - March 15

Hi everyone.. Hope things are going good for all.
I got so many dr. apointments coming up I will be running .One at my obgyn for a checkup. My eye dr. since I almost sure he going to put me in glasses.. grrrrrrrrrr That makes me mad but thats life huh? Got to go to the dentist for cleanning so I will be giving all my money for copays to drs. Then I have to go to my paincare dr. Seems like I work just to pay medical.and my health ins. One day I will be old enough for medicare and maybe it won't be so expensive. Thats a few years up the road tho.
Someone mentioned they have a lot of nausea. I know how that is.My family dr. has me on nexium for reflux and that helps a lot.I didn't know that also was related to fibro to but I guess I should have known.I do know that when I eat icecream it makes me bloated and sometimes nausea.
By the way my sinus and ear infection got better after 2 trips to the dr. That was bad. the headaches made me nauseaed to
Goodluck to all.


axxie - March 15

At moment I have loads of gases and my stomach is acting up, also had the pain under my left rib, thought maybe it was because I was constipated, I took something for that and that made my IBS act up. I'll remember not to eat the pasta I was eating seem to give me loads of gazes. I've been drinking loads of veg and fruits juice that I bought at Costco. It's very good, but that is also given me gaz, lately everything is giving me problems, I'll soon have to stick to the soup and clear water.


sulydi - March 16

I also have stomach problems most of the time. I constantly have gas and pain, under both of my ribs, sometimes. But as far as I know stomach problems or indigestion are fibro symptoms. The only thing that helps me sometimes is ginger ale, and I keep it on hand at home at all times.



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