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stomach issues
4 Replies
mamcc - September 19

Has anyone had stomach issues with their fibro? I have had cramping and acid reflux for the past 2 months. So far all of the tests I have had have come back negative.

Best of health to all.


Fantod - September 20

Yes, if you look at the list of "associated conditions" you will find GERD (acid reflux) and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I have had GERD for quite some time. Take care.


JJ1 - September 21

Yes, stomach problems can be common, but it is still good to get it checked out with a doctor. Before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I was diagnosed with acid reflux and irritable bowel. I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy done with a gastroenterologist to rule out other gastrointestinal problems. Along with the irritable bowel, I can get horrible stomach cramps where I can't stand up straight and need to lay down with a heating pad until they subside.


DEBBIE ANDERSON - September 24

Yes, it comes and goes...irritable bowel syndrome can go along with fibromyalgia...I constantly feel as though something else is going wrong, but tests are always negative...I have however developed arthritus in my neck..neurosurg wants to do surgery...numbness in my left shoulder...


Shau Marie - September 24

Yes I have developed a variety of stomach issues. Upper gastric and pain that goes through to my back. I had my gallbladder removed because they said it was like a bag of mables, but many of the symptoms stayed. I have been told it is probably irritable bowel. I just know that my stomach bothers me a lot. Here are a few things that seem to help. I avoid deep fried or greasy foods Fast foods are really bad). Dairy bothers me terribly so I have basically eliminated it, however I can eat some cheese and yogurt but a little at a time. I noticed a difference within a week of stopping dairy. Also I don't drink soda's and I drink very little coffee. They tested me for celiacs and the biopsies were neg. So I don't have to give up bread, but I go for good quality higher fiber items and skip the junk. I also found that massage helps my stomach as well as stretching (yoga). I can't even move somedays, but when I can, it helps. Four years with stomach issue has been embarrassing and painful. I want it to end!! I hope you find something that helps!



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