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Stinker Doctor
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dilbug - December 8

Hi, I am new to this board and this site in general. For the past year I have been seeing doctors trying to get to the root of my muscle pain, fatigue, headaches, RLS, and more. I have been tested for lupus several times because of a butterfly rash on my face but my ANA comes back pretty good. Yesterday I went to a new rheumy who said that he thought I was just depressed. UGH!! I got a little teary in his office because I am so frustrated with my symptoms and just need answers. He said that 70% of the people who cry in his office are depressed. I told him that I did not feel depressed, which he said is what everyone who is depressed says. After I was visibly ticked off because he hadn't even asked me about my mood (which is fairly positive) or anything, he suggested that I may be suffering from Fibro. because my symptoms are consistant with it except that I do not have a sleep issue. ( I suggested that maybe I don't have a sleep issue because I take an advil pm every night to go to bed) He was just such a jerk and sooo stuck on the depression thing, it really upset me. Has anyone else ever had this problem?


carrie lee - December 8

I hadthe same thing a few years back had been complaining of very sharp pain in my side, they finally sent me to a pyshiatrist whodetermined ther was nothing physically wrong with me I was depressed and gave me Klonopin and sent me on my way, after 6 months of no trelief one doctor finally said have you had a gall bladder function test. now they had done an ultrasound several months before but there were no stones so the gall bladder was dismissed after having the function test and six months of clinding pain they determined that my gallbladder was functioning o at 11%, so no more gall bladder no more pain. I too was very disgusted by the depression diagnosis and had it not been for me to pursue other avenues and get a second opinion I woyuld probably still br sitting here with that pain along with my new fibro and cmp. Doctors dont like to say that they dont know so depression is a good fall back dx. Find a new doc see what they say.


Virgie - December 8

Wow dilbug your rheumy sounds like he 's wannabe psychiatrist! wrong profession. Granted it seems to me like as soon as your diagnosed with fibro you are immed put on antdepresants. It happened to me and for awhile there I think they helped (but I had to find the right one as some were making me more depressed) I'm off them now but I
would suggest you check for yourself if you need it then ask for them. CRYING IN THE OFFICE SHOWS DEPRESSION!
BULL. That is so condescending and ridiculouse. If you go back to him to give him a second chance see if he's the same if so change your doctor. And yes I had one doctor say it's all in the head and the rheumy who I got second diagnosis from was mentaly not there.
Keep you chin up and hold your ground
you're not alone.


CarrieLee - December 13



barbar - December 13

dilbug, How are things going? Can you report in and let us know what's going on?



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