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Starting a chat room?
18 Replies
ptalana - March 6

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone would like to see if we could link a chat room option to our site? I know there are times when I could use that one on one contact. Being able to talk about issues when we are in the moment could be helpful.
What do you think?
Hoping today finds everyone well, Patty:)


Fantod - March 6

Patty - I like the idea. I thinkwe alll have moments when having immediate feedback would be very helpful. I hope that you enjoy the weekend and that today is a good day for you.


iliveinpain - March 6

Hi Patty,
This sounds like a great idea! I have no idea how to even get it started, do you? Hope you're having a great weekend!


Noca - March 7

I would contact the webmaster of the site, whoever that is lol. I don't even know who runs this site or if they ever post.


ptalana - March 8

Thanks for the response guys. I think Noca is correct in that we'd have to contact the web master. Not quite sure who that is, or how to get in contact with them. So if they are monitoring this site which I'm pretty sure they are, if they could let us know if this is a possibility and how to get this going it would be greatly appreciated.
Hopefully we can get this up and running soon, as I really do think it would be such an asset to an already phenomenal forum.
Since getting my diagnosis almost 2 years ago now, this site has truly been a God send to me. I have learned so much and been given so much support and guidance. I really appreciate this forum, and all of my fibro family so much. You are truly a great group and I thank you all.
Take care, Patty:)


ptalana - March 8

Just wanted to let you know that I've emailed our forum and requested the chat room link today. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this is a possibility, I really think it would be a great addition.
Hope this day finds you all well. Gentle hugs, Patty


belle1329 - March 8

Like the Idea but I usually check in on breaks at work so I dont think I would have that option.


belle1329 - March 8

If it happens please dont forget us here in the post comment forum :)


tnichel - March 10

Great idea. I think someone mentioned doing a yahoo chat room. Heck it may have been me, lol, but it was along time ago. Let us know how it goes.


iliveinpain - March 11

belle, not to worry, no one will be left out or forgotten in our forums :)


jrzgirl - March 11

great idea Patty


Duo - March 11

Sounds great to me - I find this forum a great comfort. Hope it's easy to use !!!! me and technology ugh.


ptalana - March 12

Duo, you and me both, lol. We'll muddle through together o.k?
Take care, Patty;)


belle1329 - March 12

Thanks, I would miss everyone if you didnt come back and visit :)


ptalana - March 17

Hi all, I just wanted to update you. As of yet I haven't heard whether or not this chat room is an option. I'll let you know when and what I hear as soon as I get an answer.
Thanks for all the support.
Sending all gentle hugs, Patty:)


powderblue - March 22

Yes I would like the chance to use a chatroom. I don't know anyone with FMS and I live in a small country New Zealand that doesn't have much in the way of support networks. 99% of the people I know have never even heard of fibromyalgia. I feel like I know more than my doctor about fibromyalgia (which is often disheartening as you can feel quite alone in looking for ways to help your health). Coming to this website it is very encouraging to read some of the posts and learn so much from others.


ptalana - March 22

Hi powderblue, I'm in the same situation as well. You know small town and no real support system, and to be fair I never heard of Fms myself until my diagnosis. My doctor doesn't know much about Fms either, and my rheumatologist doesn't write out prescriptions for any pain meds. I found out that he actually lost his licence for three years for insurance fraud!!! It's so difficult finding a health care provider, much less one that is knowledgeable with Fms and all it encompasses.
Hopefully I'll hear soon regarding the chat room, I think it could be an asset to our forum.
Hope today finds you well, Patty :)



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