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Start drinking more water!
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jconn - December 20

Hi All, I used to live in Los Angeles. I moved to Palm Springs 7 years ago. Everything seemed fine mentally until I moved here. Although its a beautiful place,the lack of humidity here unlike living near the ocean is always an issue.It didn't take long before I started getting dopey. Lack of focus on my job. Losing things or quickly misplacing things like crazy.I stared to think "I've been in the sun too long". As time went on I started to see Fibromyalgia symptoms appear in the media. I thought to myself.. I have some of those. I didn't sleep well,I was always tired, and always lacked focus to the point it was scary.I didn't much joint pain like I see other people have,with the exception of finger pain.I have since created a website that provides some info on how to deal with it. Mainly what I realized was the Lack of water in my body. I needed to hydrate constantly to stave away dehyration. There seems to be a link here. I wrote an article about it on articlebase entitled: Fibromyalgia and Dehydration..A Correlation.
The importance of water is critcal when it comes to fibromyalgia.

Hope that helps some.


Noca - December 20

I try to drink juice fortified with vitamin C everyday. As well as Carnation instant breakfast. I never really drink just pure water except when i take my meds. Id rather be taking in some nutrients and calories at the same time.


Canada17 - December 22

I believe that dehydration does exacerbate our pain. I would caution anyone from drinking tap water though.

While I am definitely someone who promotes conservation and "green" habits, bottled water for FM is a saviour. There are just too many additions to our tap water, including chlorine, for me to consider it wise to consume it in the mass quantities that I am required to.

We have a bottled water service at work so I try to drink as much as possible while I am there.

Then there is the irritable bladder side of FM. When I drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day I am going pee every 20 minutes!


Noca - December 25

I managed to get 168 bottles of Nestle 500ml spring water bottles for $15 :)


chucksusanandgrace - December 26

I totally agree. I can sometimes contribute my symptoms of lack of H2O.


axxie - December 27

I have been saying all along that you need to drink loads of water, it helps cleanse the body but also helps to eliveate the burning some people feel.

If you want to drink tap water the best thing to do is get a charcoal filter to filter the water, I get the big water bottles that go into a cooler.

My moto is drink as much water as you can, especially if you have fibro.

Nothing wrong by drinking two cups of milk a day, if you happen to be intollerant to milk, you get lactose free milk or you can try silk, a soya base milk, to some of who have fibro it ok, to others soya may contribute to problems.

When in doubt, drink more water....


axxie - December 27

Hey Jcon, I read your article, very interesting, you should write more and let us know, very interesting.

I have been preaching on this forum for a long while and I keep telling people water, water and more water is part of the solution......

You are on the right track.



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