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9 Replies
Fantod - December 11

Stacey - OMG you and your family are going through hell. I was so sorry to read your post. Have you called the Salvation Army or the United Way to see what they can do to help? Or the Lions, Jaycess or other civic organizations like that who may also have plans in place to help families in your situation.

You definitely should not be working like that at the tree farm. But, I'm quite sure you already know it. I'm just really worried that you are going to have a total collapse because of your health issues never mind anything else that is going on.

My heart goes out to you at this difficult time in your lives. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Take care of yourself.


Stacey373 - December 12

Thank You so much for your concern and well wishes, Fantod. It's appreciated more than could know.

We will be okay. yes, it sucks right now...and I wish I had had time to plan for this happening. But there's nothing I can do about it is what it is (that's my new motto! LOL)

I have to keep focusing on the positive and we have so many things to be thankful for that I really don't feel like we are missing out on anything. We should (hopefully) hear about food stamps on Monday and that will all be taken care of. And even though a part of me wishes I hadn't spent any of the money I did have on Christmas gifts, I'm still glad that I did because my kids WILL have a Christmas. it won't be much, but I think it's a good "reality check" for my kids to learn what Christmas is REALLY about.

The reason I wrote all of that in the other post was because I wanted everyone on here to remember that no matter how bad it may seem right now....whether it's physical, mental, financial, or whatever everyone is going WILL get better and we all need to focus on the good stuff in our lives.

The day we got the letter from unemployment that we had been abruptly cut off, I was feeling sorry for myself (mostly for my kids) and then this lady showed up asking if her son could work for a Christmas tree because she couldn't afford even that. I instantly QUIT feeling sorry and realized there are people out there who are worse off than us. That's when I decided to look at all the good things in my life and how so very lucky we are. We will be okay....

As for me working....I am just taking it one day at a time. I definitely feel like I am going to drop by the end of all of this. and even though we aren't getting paid for any of's more like we are working towards the future and the next generation who takes this over.

Thanks again...Take care, Stacey :o)


Fantod - December 12

Stacey - You are absolutely right about what is important - family, health, a roof over our heads etc. Things could definietly be much worse.

This is a time when we should all remember our neighbors who may need a helping hand. It is snowing like mad here today. We have a plow so the plan is to help out the neighbors especially the elderly. If we could all learn to work together this world would be a much better place.

Stacey, as far as I am concerned you already set a shining example for your children. Take care of yourself. God Bless you and your family.


Stacey373 - December 13

I'm not used to getting compliments! Thank You so much :o)


Auvonto - December 13

Stacey373 I hope things are going to get better for you. i didnt get to read your post so not exactly sure whats going on. but i wanted to let you know that i am thinking about you and hopeing the best for you. talk soon


Stacey373 - December 13

Thank You, Auvonto, that means a lot to me! I just got back from the Welfare office and we should have food stamps by tomorrow morning....YAY!!! One less thing for me to worry about :o)


Auvonto - December 13

good Stacey i am glad i know you hated to do that but that is what it is there for when we really need it. i have been there. i'm glad things are looking better for you. [[hugs]]


pam80 - December 13

Stacey- I'm glad that you and your family will be able to get food stamps. I'm so sorry to hear that your unemployment has gotten cut off. I'm sure that you will figure things out- you have a positive attitude! You're right-take one day at a time and as you say, things always get better. Hang in there!


Noca - December 14

Stacey so glad you got food stamps! :)


Stacey373 - December 14

Thanks Everyone!

Not to sound negative or anything....but it's kind of sad how we are all excited that I got welfare! LOL pride is completely GONE!!!!

Take Care Everyone :o)



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