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Stabbing Pains
5 Replies
tinklover - May 20

I am struggling with stabbing pains today in my right rib cage. Anyone ever experience these sharp pains? What do you do to relieve the pain?


Noca - May 20

I have them occasionally. I usually cant breathe for a few seconds because they are soo painful. I try bending my head down into my chest to loosen whatever muscle or veins that may be stressed. No amount of pain killers can help it as it is acute pain. The only thing that stops acute pain is anesthetics which you only can get in the hospital. You just have to endure them I guess.


tinklover - May 20

I too get a shortness of breath but I think that is because I start freaking out (ANXIETY) wondering if something is wrong with my lung. When sudden pain occurs like that its hard to be sane and not let your mind wander that it could be something else. I'll try and get through it - thanks :(


Noca - May 20



ptalana - May 20

Hi tinklover, what you are describing can be one of two things Costochondritis or Tietze syndrome. The difference between the two is that Costo's pain radiates through arm and shoulder. Both of these conditions are considered non life threatening, but are chronic conditions. While symptoms may last up to 12 weeks, they do commonly come back in time. You can treat the symptoms with a anti-inflammatory however they usually go away on there own.
That being said it's imperative that you get your symptoms checked out by your doctor as these symptoms can represent other serious conditions.
I personally suffer with costo and this is a linked condition to fms. I can relate to how painful it is my symptoms do last about 3 months then go away on there own. I apply a heat pad when I can stand the pressure on my rib area, this seems to help a wee bit.
I would encourage you to see your doc asap and make sure it's not something more serious.
Please let us know the outcome, and good luck.
Take care and God bless, Patty:)


tnichel - May 20

Yes, but mostly on my left side. I had a full workup last year but the docs couldn't find anything wrong. It really sucks though. I usually end up double over waiting for it to pass. I didn't know this but you can also have trigger points in your abdomen. I wish I had a cure for it. Similar pains landed me in the ER last I can afford anymore medical bills. :(



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