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16 Replies
Linda - September 22

Anyone qualify for disability/medicare due to their fibromyalgia?


TERESA - September 8

I've been wondering the same thing? Where do you live & how old are you? I'm too young for medicare. Medicaid is a state funded program & each state has their own set of rules. I'm not sure about SSI/disablity though. I am having more & more trouble working. My boss is very understanding & has allowed me to kind of set my own hours & pace, but soon we will be entering our busy season ( I work in a tax office ) & I have my douts that I will be able to keep up the pace!


Linda - September 8

I'm 42 and live in the south. I was wondering if we could qualify for Medicare Disability. You can get Medicare before age 65 if you're permanently disabled, but I don't know if fibromyalgia would qualify. I may have to go on Long Term Disability w/my employer, but I need health insurance. COBRA is only for 18 months I think.


Jan - September 10

Cobra is only good for 18 months. I lost my job 20 months ago, so no longer have insurance. I applied for SS and Medicare back in August 2005. I have been denied twice and am now the judge level. I have an attorney and they tell me is another year away. I am almost 55 and am in the south.


Jean - September 15

I ma 56 and had to retire. When you ache, forget things, and have to take time off work. Either retire or get fired. I get a little pension. Too much for public assistance and too little to live on. I applied for SSD and got denied. I then got a lawyer. She was disgusted because they should not have denied me. She was a claims agent for SS before becoming a lawyer. She was going to send a letter, she said don't hold your breath. Then it will probably be 24 months or more. Fibro is not classified as a disease, it is a syndrome. But I have all kinds of things wrong with me. If we could get it to be a disease then everything would be much easier. Thank God for food stamps and Family Health Plus, which is part of Medicaid. Hang in there guys.


Teresa - September 18


This is a lawyer specializing in fibromyalgia cases for SSI. I have no doubt that it will be a very long process, but if you are substantially limited and can not work because of fibromyalgia then it may be worth looking at the site. He has written lots of articles as well, which you may find useful. Try a search on his name and fibromyalgia and see what you get.


Virg - September 18

I live in BC Canada and do get disability.
Something I am grateful for. The amount is
low but once you establish a life style it helps .


Maura - September 18

My case has been going on since March 2003. I saw the judge last Nov. 2005. Still no word on my case. I live in Ohio. I had no idea it would take this long.


Lynne - September 18

I applied about 16 months ago and have been turned down twice, next is a hearing infront of a judge. From what I have heard SSD is hard to obtain with just FMS as the only dianosis. Wish they could spend a week in our shoes maybe thry wold understand.


Lou - September 18

If you live in the USA you are screwed... just one more reason to love Canada, eh?


Linda - September 19

Thanks so much for the replies. Although I wish they would have been different. ;) I feared as much, though. More than the lost income, I worry about lost insurance. With my medical bills and rx's, I really need the insurance. I wish everyone luck w/their pending cases. Please let us know how they turn out.


Virg - September 19

Linda, Do you have any symptoms of panic
attacks, arthritis, disc problems. If you go
through the back door with these disabilities
it might help. Little do they know that FMS
is the one thing that really prevents us from
working but due to thier ignorance we have to
fight our way through every stone wall.


Virg - September 19

Hey Lou, Right On!


Lynne - September 20

I agree any physical or mental problems should also be included no matter how small the more you can document the better you chances... you also will need to be under treatment for these other conditions.


Linda - September 20

I have the common co-existing conditions - anxiety, ibs, ic, etc. But I don't think I'd qualify for disability on any of those. It is good advice, though and I will keep that in mind if any of my other symptoms worsen. Thanks! :)


Jean - September 21

It takes a long time to qualify for disability, especially with Fibromyalgia. It can take up to 5 years with the courts the way they are. But if you find a way to cope with this illness and it can be done you may not need it. The stress of all the paper work and the Federal Government getting into your medical records can keep the symptoms continuous. Been there done that. It is in my opinion better for you to try to be on your own handling the situation and trying to get back to work maybe not full time and if you can't then please do proceed but the decision is yours alone....


melisa - September 22

i ont have an answer but i have a ?can you get ssi because of fibromyalgia?



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