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Stephanie417 - November 16

This is sort of off the subject... but I figured since quite a few people read this, I may get some comfort.. About a year and a half ago I was having some stomach problems, so they did a ct scan of my abdomen, during the scan they found a very small spot on my lung.. Most likely nothing they said, but no difinitive answer to what it was.. I was sent back two more times for ct scans, six months apart to recheck the spot... No growth, no movement, just a spot, But becuase I worry, constantly, I still think its something.. do people have random spots on their lungs that are unidentifiable?.. pLease people.. dont scare me, I have been reassured that it is not lung cancer by two doctors.. thanks


barbar - November 16

Yes. You have weird spots and things all over your body. And remember, the CT scan is 3 dimensions compressed into 2. That spot on your lung could be a fat deposit under the skin on your back.


Stephanie417 - November 16

ahhh.. interesting !.. thanks for the imput.. makes me feel a little better, thats for sure.. !!


barbara s. - November 16

stephanie-- if your doctor tells you not to worry don't. Be cautious but don't worry. My sister had a kidney removed due to cancer 5 years ago, and they found a spot where it used to be, sometimes these are just shadows, or as barbar said fat deposits or other deposits. One technician actually told my sister she had a spot on her KIDNEY!!!


Stephanie417 - November 17

see.. now that scares me.. I guess its the Not knowing what it is that is scary, if they said. hey its scar tissue or whatever, i could breathe.. but since they dont know what it is exactly.. the good thing is that it hadnt changed or grown in the year and a half it was tested.. now im kinda freaked


bigalsbrat - November 17

My husband has lived for years with 2 calcified nodules which are sorta like scars I guess caused from having valley fever back in about 1982. They kept an eye on it to watch for growth but it never changed. He just lives with it. It always freaks out new docs when they see it. When we have asthma, broncitis etc. we form scars in our lungs which we just learn to live with. Dont know if this helped. But the doc has no reason to lie to you.


Stephanie417 - November 17

bigaIsbrat.. just wondering.. did they moniter with ct scans every so often ?.. were they able to see that is was scar tissue? have helped much.. I had a lot of upper respitory infections as a kid and even into adulthood..


TERESA - November 17

Goodness sake Stephaine, you are going to worry yourself to death!! A spot on your lung is more comman than you think. Most people don't even know they have them unless they have a reason to have a CT-scan! Hve you had a chest x-ray? Does it show on x-ray? Like Barbara said a CT shows soft tissue & it could be anything. They are doing the right thing by keeping a eye on it, but if you have had no change in a year & a half then chances are it is nothing!! It could be a scared lymph node from your many respitory infections! Lung cancer is usually very agressive & would have had changes by now!! Stop worring & enjoy the moments you have in life! FMS is worrisome enough!!!


AmberRose - November 24

My mom had a hole in her lung that was a birth defect....she didnt know it was even there untill one night in bed at aged 30 somethign she was having trouble breathing....allthough i cant' say what it is you have ...get a second opinion if it bothers you!


CarrieLee - November 26

Hi Stephanie, I understand that would be scary. I have had many CT scans myself and it is always hard. I think a little empathy and understanding is what Stephanie was looking for here. When someone has anxiety or worries a lot, admonishing them to "Just stop worrying themselves to death" doesn't help and may make them feel worse or embarrassed about how they are feeling. That is why people usually don't talk about it. The nature of the beast is "what if".... If we worriers could just "stop it" we certainly would. I hope you are feeling a bit better now Stephanie. Take care and I'm sure you are just fine.


TERESA - November 26

Carrie Lee, some people worry themselves into sickness! These people may benefit from a little jog into the reality of what they are doing to themselves! I really don't know Stephaine all that well, but we have communicated back & forth a lot. I am worried that she if she doesn't stop worring so much that she cause herself more health problems down the road. I care that she hurts & I expressesd that in the REST of the post . I thank you for your oppinion, but like I said I only had Stephaine's interest at heart!


CarrieLee - December 13



CarrieLee - December 13

p.s. Stephanie, we havent seen you for quite a while, how are you doing now...


Lynne-FT - December 17

Any news?



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