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spine issues
7 Replies
slb71 - January 3

i have been experiencing pains in my spine for a few months now but it is getting worse all the time. it's like an electrical shock all the way up (or down) my spine when i turn or when i talk on the phone at work with it on my shoulder. i then have to move very slowly and carefully get my head up again.

my hips have also started hurting as bad as my shoulders and neck. i have bruised feelings mostly on my shins. and also recently having burning on my face and neck. i look like i have a sunburn even if i haven't been out of the house all day.
last night the skin on my whole body felt tight like it was sunburned.

has anyone else experienced this?


toots2889 - January 3

Hello. Im no expert by any means, but I can help you with some of what your experiencing. The electrical shock feeling your having, I to get from time to time. I had it alot more when I was working. Ive asked the drs. and an orthopedic about it, but neither one of them had an answer for me. Your shoulder and hip pain could very well be bursitis. Its very common for us to get it. Have you tryed any physical therapy? You may want to try that, because if its not to bad they can usually get it loosened up. I hope i was of some help. Good luck to you.


Fantod - January 3

Sounds like you should also have an MRI done to see if there is anything going on with your spine. Sometimes, hip pain can be an indication that something is wrong with the spine or it could be bursitis. I have it in both shoulders and hips.

Also, the sunburned feeling is probably nerve pain related. If you are not on Gabapentin, you should be.

Make an appointment to get in and see your doctor. Take care.


duhda75 - January 4

I too experience terriable pain in my spine and my SI joints. I just thought it was a part of FMS. I recently had a MRI done two weeks ago. it turns out I have arthritis in my SI joints and spine. I have been in disabiling pain. I live in the NW and the winters here are very cold which makes the arthritis worse.

I think you should request a MRI. It couldn't hurt. Maybe it could be even something else. A MRI is one of the best tests for any daignosis.

Good luck to you:)


slb71 - January 4

Thanks for the input. I did have an MRI last year. But only on my neck and head. It would be interesting to see what would it would show on my spine. I have osteoarthritis in my neck.

I have not tried physical therapy. My doctor has never mentioned it to me. I seem to just keep adding new symptoms in between the times that i see her. I have decided to wait until I see the rheumy for further suggestions because i just feel frustrated with the neuro. I have asked for something for pain to no avail. The only thing I've been offered for pain is Zipsor which most of the time does NOTHING for me.

I have told the neuro too about the burning sensations and the sunburn feeling and she said nothing except i m=need to go see the rheumy. Which at this point I am fine with not seeing her for now. She isn't helping me anyway. She is giving me the referral do she is helping that way!

This is probably a really stupid question but will the rheumy be able to diagnosis me with bursitis if that is part of my problem? I assume so but not sure. I have no experience with this.

Sorry the rest of you have experienced this too. Hope everyone is feeling good today!

Thanks again!


January - January 17

FM is painful in many ways. But you might also have back injuries. Electric sensations sound like nerve problems to me. I've had back (and referred) pain for years, but it took a long time to diagnose. CT scans didn't show much. I finally asked for a sitting MRI. There it was, clear as day, a bunch of blown disks and spinal stenosis. This isn't fibro, but just adds to the general pain and misery.

I know Neurontin and Lyrica work for many, but do your own research - I've found conflicting evidence, and have friends who had a bad time with these drugs.

Also, be careful with chiropractors. I went to one whose manipulations made my back so much worse. The first step is correct diagnosis, and MRIs are a good place to start. The sitting MRI shows how your spine lines up with gravity pulling on it, so I highly recommend it.

Hope you feel better soon.




I completely agree about the Chiropractors! I went three times a week for over a month. It hurt so bad. They still couldn't get my body to HOLD the alignment so finally they told me that they couldn't help me (hundreds of dollars later) and then referred me back to my general doctor.

It was so bad after one adjustment that I had to go home instead of work and I just cried and took as much pain meds as I could to HELP the pain..

Good luck and keep us posted!



January - January 19

Hi inpain (sorry for your pain!) Hope others will notice this post. Chiropractic is probably okay for muscle spasms, and if your spine is not seriously injured. SO important to get an MRI before you let them bang you around. I think wrenching a back when there might be herniated discs or tiny fractures is not a good idea. I know my chiropractor made me a lot worse. And he was from a very reputable school, not one of those money-grabbers. Hope you are better now. Take care.



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