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spinal tenderness
3 Replies
lacie - February 19

I'm plagued with a very tender spine. Whenever I press around my spine it hurts so much I cry. I can't even use massage chairs or receive massages because they hurt too much :(

I was just wondering if anyone else experiences this, or if I'm alone in this terrible sensation.


ptalana - February 19

Hi lacie, I to experience this extreme pain. My problems stem from an accident 4yrs ago, I developed cervical spinal stenosis. This has been shown to be related to fms, but they are doing more research on this.
I would suggest you research the blue boxes on left side of screen under associated conditions. These boxes contain a wealth of helpful info that we can take to our docs in the hopes of getting diagnosis and treatment.
My back and neck are so bad now I can't get comfortable, sitting, standing, lying down I just can't get any relief. So back to the doctor I go.
Applying heat does help temporarily.
Take care, Patty


lacie - February 20


My regular doctor has basically written this off as something she can't help me with, and my mom wasn't comfortable with the rheumatologist I was referred to, so I'm seeing a pain management specialist now. He has lots of fibromyalgia patients and seems very knowledgeable. For my spine he is going to go in with radio frequency and permanently deaden the most obviously painful nerves in my spine. I go in next week for the preliminary procedure, then within the next two weeks it should be completed.

I definitely know how you feel in your inability to get comfortable. I'm a college student and the desks at my school KILL me! I'd love to have good posture but I just can't sit my spine against those hard chairs! I can let you know how my procedure goes and perhaps it could be an option for you as well.



snowflurree - February 28

You are not alone as the worst pain I have is in my upper spine and the muscles surrounding my spine. Most days it feels like a horse kicked me in the back. I can't get comfortable at night and can't take any meds for the pain as by the time I go to bed I have already taken so much stuff that if I take any more it would be too much. Today I feel like my body has been poisioned.



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