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Spaced out
6 Replies
Kerrie - January 7

Does anyone else feel spaced out? I dont mean fibrofog,at least I think I dont by how people explain it.

The last couple of days I have felt as if I am not here I suppose slightly faint almost as if i hadnt eaten all day although I have and thinki need to get some sugar in me. I have had diabetic tests done which are fine.

I find it so difficult to know what is caused by fibromyalgia and what is other things.


belle1329 - January 7

Have you gotten any sleep? I feel like this mostly when I really didnt sleep well, I feel weak and like I am faint.I also get very thirsty at the end of the day and seem the need to drink juice. and do feel better after drinking and resting. I think my body is just drained. Hope this helps


Kerrie - January 7

I always put it down to lack of sleep having a 17 month old but last night I had 12 hours sleep and feel more spaced out then ever today.


iliveinpain - January 7

Yep, I'm that way today too. I'm wondering if I'm fighting the flu or if this is fibro related. I was so dizzy last nite I vomited too, and today I felt that way and had to force down some dry toast and sips of water. I think I was dehydrated cause that made me feel better. But I'm still like "floating" too and I feel like a zombie. I'm getting nothing done at work... tummy is growling and I don't feel hungry at all, but I might need to force some more dry toast down my throat cause the gnawing feeling will make me nauseated again. Oh, and yes, I've had very little sleep and what I've had hasn't been good sleep this entire week, plus lots and lots of stress.


solanadelfina - January 9

Oh, yes, that happens a lot in my case. I agree with everyone that lack of sleep is a big cause of that, but it's been far rarer now since I started on my amitriptylene. How's your sleep at night? Do you take anything for it?


axxie - January 10

no low blood sugar, I have the same, it's just that not enough sleep, and drinks loads of water, could be your medication, especially if you are being treated with pain meds for your fibro.,


Beone - January 11

Hi kerrie,
Ive been feeling spaced out for days on and off, started around the new year, its like my visions is reacting to slow for my brain,or the other way round,Ive had to sit down at times because of the feeling.I think it is due to the atmospheric pressure, and weather changes, the weather has been really strange here in New Zealand its been like winter and it is meant to be our summer. My left side and shoulder are giving me a hard time along with broken teeth, don't know whats going on there.ive always looked after my teeth but for some reason they are braking, hope this helps
love beone.



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