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Sound like symptoms?
8 Replies
Isabelita - January 23

Hi, I'd really like your help with this. My symptoms started in July last year when I felt so so tired and dizzy and often sick. About a month later I got sudden sharp pains in my head. Each pain lasts about 5 seconds but they move around and occur almost anywhere in my head. About 2 months after this the pains started happening all over my body, although especially back, abdomen and head. I have dull aches in many of my muscles along with tingling, burning pain. But the most frightening is this migrating sharp pain. Is this a symptom of FMS? My doctor did suggest this to me and now I've researched it I feel quite sure but I'd like your advice. I'm pretty scared about this and it is affecting my life; I have a 3 year old son and I want to enjoy him.
Thanks Issy.


dream69 - January 24

Yes, it does sound like FMS but you need to understand there are several systemic diseases that have the same symptoms.


Isabelita - January 25

I have seen my dr several times and had many bloodtests and he is sure there is nothing 'serious' wrong. But he also doesnt seem to have any answers. The strange thing about the pain that I experience is that literally one second it can be a twinge in my arm and the next second somewhere totally different. Ive never met anyone with fibromyalgia, does anyone else experience this? Thanks again.


BrandyO - January 25

Isabelita... yes I get this. The pain is sharp and stabbing. I never know when or where it will hit. I also have constant aching everyday in my muscles and fatigue , some days worse than others. But for me the worse thing I suffer is the fibro fog. That is the hardest thing for me to take. I have been living with Fibro for over 40 years now but was just dx 5 years ago. Before that I was told it was all in my head. I wish you the best! Brandy


charliebrown - January 28

this is called ice-pick headaches, google it. I too had them at one time and then they migrated to jabbing me in my big toe or in my thigh or in my back. I haven't had them for a while though. But it really scared me when I was getting them in the head.


Iinda - February 1

Hi Isabelita, I have had the same head pains a long time ago. Now I have new ones! This syndrome is very slippery for some of us & symptoms continue to change over time. I understand how scared you are, living with chronic pain is awful. But living with undiagnosed chronic pain is so much worse, with fear mixed in too. You are not alone in this. Make sure you follow up with your doctor & ask to see a specialist if you're not getting anywhere. Try to enjoy your son & have faith that everything will work out & be ok. Take care sweetie :)


tcmby - February 3

hi isabelita, it does sound like fibro from what you describe. it took a really long time for me to get a dx, that is pretty typical. you should ask your doc for a referral to a rhuemy or physiatrist, they know how to test for this & can tell you for sure. good luck & let us know how you make out.


michellebcusick - February 9

I get periodic "ice pick" stabbing pains in my head as well as other areas. These I usually get without any other symptoms. These cause me to cry out loud "ow" and people ask if i'm okay, sometimes its embarrassing. If you have the resources seek a specialist in this field. General practictioners generally won't be able to help you to find answers and relief. Educate your family and friends in regards to fibromyalgia so they can give you the support you'll need. good luck to you and remember, you're not
"crazy" and its not "all in your head."


Isabelita - February 19

Hi all. Just wanted to check back in and say thanks for all the support. I've got an appointment with a specialist in general medicine in just under a month so I'll let you all know how that goes. I'm so tired today, my arms ache just to write this msg but I'm trying to stay positive. Thanks again.



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