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Sound familiar to Anyone
2 Replies
postem - December 25

Hi, Here's the deal. 7 months ago I was getting ready for family to come, starting a new weight training thingy with small hand weights and at the same time decided that it might be good to get on that huge rebounder and get some bouncing in. All that aside and the fact that my life pretty much has been one of aches and pains I (7months ago) began this journey of alot of pain. At first I thought is might be one of my episodes of what I call torn rib cartilage that takes a good month to heal. but this didn't go away. It was like this wide band around my back and ribcage was put on and pain began to radiate from the back to the front and especially at about 3 in the morning there are these spasm things that crawl around the trunk and cause pain. So I wake up alot and finally get up and get moving . There is also burning pain under the "wings" in the back and in the upper middle back. And yes I have dry skin and a history of just plain itchiness. This is my first stop right now as I need to gather enough amo if I am to see a doctor which I am not at all into doing. But I know there is benefit . Oh you know, lots of money and failed tests and referrels that lead to lots of money and failed tests. Okay, so let's start here. thanks ever so.


JoniB - December 28

Have you had your gallbladder checked?? I had the symptoms you are describing before I had it removed.


marwal - December 28

You absolutely cannot diagnose yourself. Primarily becuz no one will take you seriously if something, god forbid, happens to you. I f you think most are quacks, then see a specialist, a rheumatologist, who has years of medical science, experience, and knows which lab tests and such to perform. Just one more tip....find a rheumatologist you get along with. The !one I put my entire trust in now is the third one. But only becuz of personality clashes, Not becuz they didn't know what they were doing Good luck, and happy new year!



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