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Debra - September 21

I think I have really outdone myself this time. I have just been extremely stressed and just been having trouble maintaining a balance in my life. I lied, I really don't have a one would fuck me. I've had alot of trouble with my physical appearance, and well I'll leave it at that. After the jaw surgery, I just haven't been the same. I want attention badly. From anywhere, and anyone. I've got a problem. Anyone want a good ol' genuine chat...I'm here. As they say, the many faces of Debra


Teddy - September 21

no thanks Debbie Deb


Teddy - September 21

Or shall I say SHEBRA, no thanks for the chat


YOU REQUESTED IT..... - September 21

Answer: Name: Debra | Date: September 16, 2006, 1:09 am Answer: DONNA :::How dare you say these thing and do this to me.There are more than one Debra's out here.You are one of those people who has been doing this to me.Do you think i'm stupid.You have only replied to this post and an other post by a lady named Helen.You came out here and left only 2 messeges both of them were dowing me.I have never read your name out here before and do you know why,youre name is not donna youre a sick sick person.Why do you spend so much of your time FUCKING with me and other people out here.Go get help.No one out here has been talking to a person nammed Donna.IS EVERYONE OUT HERE BLIND.READ WHAT PEOPLE LIKE THIS ONE ARE DOING.FUCK OFF DONNA YOU STUPID FREAK.GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE ON AN OTHER WEB SITE.THIS FOUR IS FOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE FIBRO NOT A MENTAL PROBLEM......I CANNOT TAKE THIS B.S. ANY MORE...THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR BELEIVING IN ME...I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH AND I SWEAR THAT I NEVER PUT ANYONE DOWN..IT IS PEOPLE LIKE DONNA AND THE OTHER STUPID DEBRAS OUT HERE.


Noooo - September 21



$$$$ - September 21

Bang on the money.There's youre guy.Now we can all e-mail the editor and 100% they will no who this guy is for once and for all.This is 100% not a post from debra.You not funny anymore.Guy your nuts.You all should be trying to find out who this person is that did this post.If you do this ,it will all come to an end quickly.


TEDDY - September 21

You know i wrote this post.Dont you.I like making you suffer.I will do this to you forever,because it's so much fun.


Linda - September 21

Debra is engaged to a really sweet guy.She is very pretty and slim.The only mental problems is you.The guy that wrote this post.WHY do you still pretend to be her.Well,i guess youre alone and you know that you could never have a woman as beautiful and kind as she is.Stop trying so hard to be her.Its crazy,,, and its a big waste of time.


Carrie - September 21

If you are not her....... how would you know? I used to talk to Debra out here months ago. She was always a bit extreme, but this takes the cake. Whoever whatever wherever Debra is, she is a mental case. who else would take ALL this time?


Linda - September 21

Hey Carrie i was the on that told her about this web-site last year. We are friends we met at a pain clinic in Toronto and were seeing that same Doctors.I told her that the fourm was a really good place to talk to people the have fibromyalgia.Her and i have talked about this problem recently and are giong to put a end to it.i hope soon.Sorry if you think that this is her doing all of this stuff.I know that for sure it is some one else doing this.I you really read it you would then understand it.its sad for her and alot of you as well.


whatever - September 21

Debra you are so full of it. anyone out here who reads your insane posts knows you post as "Linda" all the time. as for putting an end to it, don't you worry about that... you will be exposed soon enough liar!


whatever - September 21

PS..... Linda... I mean Debra.... you spell FORUM wrong (the exact same way) every single time..... you are SUCH A BAD LIAR!!! If you really want to convince people: polish up your act or get a spellcheck at the VERY least! LOL............


Linda - September 21

Here it is AGAIN!!! My Goodness DEBRA!!!! You have plastered MY NAME with this crap everywhere! How much time do you have on your hands lady? DON'T YOU DARE start using my name out here! We most certainly ARE NOT friends! I don't know you, you liar! Don't use my name to furthur your lies. I am the only Linda who has been posting out here for ages! To think that I actually felt bad for you! you are very screwed up. Don't you do it again!


Teddy - September 21

whoever is posting as me (probably 'Shebra' and one of the many personalities)...thank-you, you're saving my fingers from doing the typing, although the comments are pretty budget, they are somewhat funny noneheless. Gawd there are some sick people here, let the good times roll!!! LOL



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