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Sore Throat and FMS
4 Replies
Sue H - September 13

Lately I am getting sore throats after I do a 3 hour training, where I am talking for the whole time. It started where I got this only when I did them at night, now it happens at any time of day. The sore throat lasts into the next day. I have had FMS for about 6 years or so. I was wondering if it was related. Anyone else get this?


R.S.Hagen - September 5

many years ago I saw a throat specialist because of a chronic sore throat, he sent me to a voice therapist, she told me to take three days rest from speech, I laugh at my attempt, with 3 little kids who couldn't read my notes. anyway, i found that I had an aweful sore throat anyway, i realized it was from breathing prolonged through my nose, sounds kind of funny, but remember I wasn't aloud to talk, could it be possible that you are doing this during your training sessions and drying out your throat?, The new meds I am on make me sleep like the dead and this problem is happening again, but this time my husband said that I am sleeping with my mouth open, but probably not closing it to swallow so everything down inside my throat is dry. it is not even resolving during the day time. You might need to talk to your Dr or trainor. I am tempted to try a chin stap to keep my mouth closed. that would make my husband happy too. lol


R.S.Hagen - September 5

Sue, I forgot to mention that the initial cause of my sore throat stemed from singing, as I am the song leader in our church, the air is dry, and there is little opportunity to hydrate my throat aside from water, if there was a long enough spell between songs. You might also have reflux, which the throat spec said I had. if your throat is irritated to start your sessions might need to be revamped.


Sue - September 11

Thanks for your reply. I often have nasal congestion, so a dry throat could be from that. I always wake with a dry mouth. And during the training, I am talking for over two hours, almost straigt. Guess I'll have to figure out a way to break that up a bit and drink more during the training. Thanks again.


flu - September 13

I sometimes get a sore throat and sometimes start feeling so bad that I am sure I am coming down with the flu, then nothing. I am pretty sure that this is just another one of those weird symptoms of fibro.



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