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sore hands?
14 Replies
Chris - July 27

Does anyone here get painful hands that seem to be swollen, and they ache like someone slammed your hand in a door? Mine get like that and the skin feels tight, I don't know what it is. My doctor is sending me to get my nerve pathways checked.


sue - June 12

yes, mine do that all the time. partially from the fibromyalgia and partially from rhuematoid arthritis.


chris - June 12

I have arthritis, but this seems different somehow. I'm not sure what the heck it is, guess I'll wait and see the doctor. Thanks, for this info Sue.


JJ - June 12

My doctor told me that you don't get joint swelling with FMS, just arthritis.


Chris - June 12

That's true, I was just wondering if anyone else had something like this happening. I'm not even sure if they are really swollen, they don't look it, it just feels that way. You know, tight, and very painful to close your hands.


connie - June 14

My hands have been swollen in a really weird pattern. Just my ring fingers have been very painful and swollen so badly for the past few months that I can't wear my wedding rings. The rhuematologist just brushed it off as nothing. I am getting really frustrated.


JJ - June 14

Chris, I do get that sometimes -- feel like my feet and hands are swollen when they look perfectly fine.


Chris - June 14

Thanks Connie, JJ. I don't know what it is, but sometimes it hurts like someone slamed my hands in a door. My grip isn't any good then, and the doctors I've seen haven't been too helpful. I'll be glad to get the nerve pathways checked, I hate waiting. I also have raynauds too, so it may be something to do with that. Be Well.


Anne Hillebrand at FibroFix - June 17

Read all of You will understand why your hands hurt and are swollen. Interstitial fluid is getting out of arterial capillaries and into body tissue, but cannot leave normally through the lymphatic capillaries. Try the Tricks and Tips first. May be all you need to do. If not, treatment info is there, too.


Annie - June 18

I too have hand pain. One morning I woke p and my hands ached terribly and I couldnt open the fingers much. This gradually relaxed with time. I was dx'd with carpel tunnel. Which as you know, IS associated with Fibro.....splints helped (worn at night, you buy them at drugstore - Futuro makes them. This helped a bit, but it comes and goes.


Chris2 - July 26

Well, it wasn't carpal tunnel, and I still don't know what it is. I guess it's just another one of those things that I'll have to deal with, but I am tired of it, really tired.


Paula - July 26

Yes and Yes..........
my hands ache.. sometimes it is hard to type........


Chris2 - July 26

Sometimes you'd swear someone slammed your hands in a door. Well, I get to see the doctor again in a week, so I guess we'll see. I hope you all have better luck than I do. Sometimes I want to slap the doctor around before we start talking, just so I know he's paying attention.


Judy - July 27

Yes I have that too, I have to take off my rings they get real tight I wake up every mornign with swollen hands. My Doc told me I wasnt really swelling lol that it seemed that way ?? I found out yesteryday that I now Have arthritis in my left knee just what I needed with everything else.. Good luck


Chris2 - July 27

Thanks Judy; Sorry to hear about the arthritis in the Knee. I'm still working, but I don't know how long I can keep going with this. I've changed doctors so many times, doctors tend to treat us as a cash cow for them. We walk in the door they make money. They don't do anything, but they make money. It's tough being sick with this stuff. We are left in the dark like mushrooms. It's nice to have a place like this to go to sometimes. Well, thanks again Judy, I hope your knee doesn't cause you too much pain. Chris2



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