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soo much pain...
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Noca - March 23

A muscle or nerve must be caught on one of my bone tumors cause my shoulder on the back left side is killing me. Just took my max dose of Dilaudid which will probably do nothing for this type of pain. I had to miss class today because of this. I've missed at least 1/5 of my classes this semester to my illnesses.


ptalana - March 23

Hey Noca, I'm so sorry that you're experiencing so much pain lately:( Have you seen the doctor yet? Have you had this happen in the past?
I know how life altering Fms and all the associated conditions can have on our lives. I hope that you can get this looked at and taken care of soon.
Hang in there and stay strong!!!
Patty :)


Noca - March 23

Thanks Patty :)

I've had this happen once or twice before in the same spot, but it usually happens in my front of my shoulder and neck, as well as other parts of my body. My tumors are everywhere so... Its hard to locate the tumors in my neck/shoulder area cause theres so many small bones/flesh in one area.

I'm gonna try to go to physiotherapy tomorrow and have them help loosen that caught muscle/nerve cause it really hurts.


Fantod - March 23

Noca - I'm sorry you are having a rough day. I can only imagine what that must feel like. When my back goes beserk I wouldn't wish the results on Hitler....

I'm hoping that physiotherapy tomorrow helps. In the interim, hang in there. You can only do what you can do - don't dwell on all of the missed classes. Focus on the fact that you are able to get there at all and be proud of yourself for even trying. Today, I'm awarding you a medal for stubborness in the face of extreme adversity - you deserve it! KBO!


lacie - March 24


What is your e-mail address? Maybe we could correspond and share ideas about how to deal with school and fibro.



Noca - March 24

its keith45678 at hotmail dot com



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