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barbar - November 21

My DR has started giving me B-12 shots and what a wonder!! You might want to try it. It's different and a lot better than B-12 in a pill. Also, GET A GOOD NIGHT"S SLEEP!!! My ex-bought me this wonderful bed that my DR prescribed (it's the one with the pillow-top mattress). My doc also "taught me how to sleep", that is, laying my covers so I could go from very, very light (like a sheet) to three or four quilts. We wake up because of body temp modulations, going from hot to cold. It's not as bad as "hot flashes" but it is our own version of them. Being able to adjust my covers quickly before I really wake up and roll-over and go back to sleep has also made such a difference. BUT MOST IMPORTANT, try to get a sleep good enough to help your muscles relax and regenerate. You'll notice some difference immediately, mostly the difference from whatever you were experiencing before, but the improvement increases over time. After a couple of weeks, I'm doing much better. I'm not bounding out of bed yet, but one day I ALMOST DID! Poor little Percy, he didn't know what to make of it. (I've been waiting for somebody to ask about Percy, who sleeps with me everynight (the cutie).) Have a great Thanskgiving! Barbar


Theodora - November 21



TERESA - November 22

Ok I'll bite! Who is Percy & how in the world did you get your "ex " to BUY you a bed??? Have something on him, EH?


Theodora - November 22

Percy is her BIG BIRD PARRAT that she sleep in bed with....


AmberRose - November 23

Hmm i was reading that we wake up more often becuase of alpha and delta waves....that alpha(i think it was alpha waves) get disrupted or disprupt the deep sleep stage so the sleep stage goes back to a lesser one.....allthough i do find that now that i have more blankets and layers i sleep better....i think it may be the heaviness of it though..its more cozy and warm as well....i wonder if the regualted temp thing has anything to do with sleep stages?


CarrieLee - November 26

I have been hearing about B12 shots all over the place. What do they do exactly? A good nights sleep really can be everything, a few nights of poor sleep and I am lost. I take Flexeril now and then and I find it really helps but the hangover effect can be a bit heavy the next day. I also have a pillow-top mattress! Aaahhhh.... I love to treat myself to deluxe sheets and bedding, it makes the whole sleep experience better. And darnit, we deserve it!


larry - November 29

CarrieLee- I had my vit. B's shot today at the Fibro and Fatigue center as well as my weekly IV that is filled with the many B vitamins- and I feel great. There were many other things in the IV as well that are intended to open your cell's mitochondria so that your cells can start to convert food into energy again and get rid of the chronic fatigue as well as get your metabolism working again. I would think that the F and F doctor would share this info with your doctor if you wanted your doctor to have this info. The Fibro and Fatigue doctors are open to educating other doctors on how to deal with Fibro.


AmberRose - November 29

does anyone knwo the difference between b pills and b shots?


teresat - November 29

Vitamin B-12 shots are more potant than the pills. Meaning they work faster! With a shot you will being to feel better right away, however I have heard that the pill you put under your tounge & let disolve is almot as good. Hope this helps!!


barbar - November 29

Ok, the story on my ex---we're just good ffriends. He also bought me a 32inch HD flat screen tv and a special chair to sit in so I could work at home on the computer twice a week. He also bought the computer system. And yes, Percy is my little parrot! He is SO SWEET!!!! He sleeps on my chest every night with his head (and beak) nestled on my chin. He's a bad little birdy! He likes to go around the house on my shoulder where he attaches himself like a broach. He hangs upside down or peers out sideways and just takes in all the information about my day. The only place he cannot go is the kitchen. It is far too dangerous. He went there once and when I was taking something out of the micro wave he chomped on it. It that had been coming out of the oven he would have burned himself. I was so upset! It's nice to have little lifeform about, loving you and being their cantankerous little selves.


teresat - November 30

I couldn't agree more!! I just love coming home at night & having my big tomcat Bobby follow me around mewoing till I sit down so he can snuggle in my lap! He is my bestfriend!!!



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