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Irishboy - September 3

Hey everyone,

First of all I want to say that this is a really great site you have here! I have a few questions that I was hoping some of you can help me with.

Im a 22 year old guy who has been suffering with some really unusual symptoms for the last few years. When I was 19, one day I got really bad aches and pains, in conjunciton with muscle twitches, all over my body. I didnt take too much notice but after a few weeks it still hadnt cleared up so I went to my local Doctor. He wasnt particularly helpful but he did loads of blood tests, all came back clear.

Anyway it sort of cleared up then after another month or so. I assumed it was just a weird virus or something. Then, about 4 months later the aches and pains returned. A good bit worse this time. Also this time I got fairly severe pain along with it. For instance the backs of my legs were sore and tender, it was uncomfortable to sit in one spot and the base of my spine felt very sore. In addition I got a really unusual sensation in my jaw. It was painful and uncomfortable, the only way I can describe it is the feeling that my jaw was too big for my face!

Around this time I also developed a curious kind of lightheadedness, almost like i was constantly slightly drunk. All this lasted or nearly four months. I became really scared that I had MS. I saw four doctors, all of whom dismissed that idea saying that it isnt how MS presents. I also had no problems with balance or movement or anything. The thing that worried me most though was every morning when I woke up during this time, one of my hands (it varied) or some of my fingers would be kind of numb and clenched. When I moved it the feeling came back but it was pretty scary.

Anyway I eventually got to see a neuro who did lots of tests and really talked me through everything. He also didnt think it was MS. He acknowledged that he was really my last port of call and was very kind and understanding. He did not believe an MRI was justified.

Anyway I subsequently went to quite a well known herbalist (he is also an MD) and he said it was FM. He put me on a course of herbs and it cleared up. For nearly two years in fact!

These past few weeks though Ive had a return of the main symptoms, mainly aches and pains. But I also have the nighttime numbness back in my hands and fingers. Its quite frightening and Im wondering if anyone else has this? My fingers feel kind of tingly throughout the day. If I held my hand up for too long (in class or whatever) the feeling would kind of drain from it and it would go tingly. Should I still be worried about MS?

I'm really sorry for the length of this, I just thought it would be useful to be quite specific! I am particularly concerned about the numbness when I wake up. Is that normal? Also is this kind of relapsing/remitting situation typical?

Thanks so much for reading, any feedback really would be appreciated.

Thanks again,



melvian - September 6

Have you been to a neurologists????


JJ1 - September 6

Sounds like you tried a neurologist according to your post. Usually rheumatologists treat fibromyalgia. Find a local FMS support group and see if they can recommend a rheumatologist for you. Your symptoms definitely sound like you could have FMS particularly since other illnesses have been ruled out. Have you had any recent stressors in your life - loss of a loved one, prolonged illness, automobile accident, etc. -- something that could have been a trigger?


dalejr62 - September 7

Yes it is typical! I do fine sometimes, and just when I think well alright ! I start getting the numbness back and the aches and pains. You just have your good days and bad.


Robin1237 - September 20

Ok, Sean, I know what this is: it's Lyme disease, which is a bacterial infection. The bacteria inflame our nerves and soft tissue and cause all our nerve symptoms. It can start with dull aches and pains and increase from there. Any part of the body can become affected. Plus the brain can become slightly inflamed too. And the symptoms come and go with the bacterial infection. Lyme is called the great imitator. It imitates 320 medical conditions, including the MS diagnosis you are concerned about. What you need to do is go to and study what people are saying there. You can also post there. People wil answer you. You will need to find a Lyme-treating doctor, get tested and treated. Generally people try antibiotics. Now, you mentioned a doctor who put you on herbs and they helped. I would be interested in hearing which herbs you took. Also, did you stop taking the herbs and then your symptoms returned? Or were you still taking them when your symptoms came back? There is a herbalist, Steven Buhner, who wrote a book, "Healing Lyme". He discusses the herbs he recommends for doing so. Discussion sites are [email protected] and Please come back and report. I'm interested in hearing how it goes, expecially if you are responsive to herbal treatment.



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