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soemthing to feel better about ourselves
22 Replies
AmberRose - October 13

I think we should all write down one little accomplsihment that we've had today or yesterday or the past week....I think if we all write soemthing down it will help us lift our spirits and we will remember that its not all bad, besides i have the fibro fog so bad soemtimes when i actually think soemthing for myself instead of give people a caught in the headlight look im happy and that makes my day. It can be anything , like today there was no pain in your foot or you actually had a good sleep or you actually were able to the dishes today...anything!
Ill go first
Mine was yesterday and i posted it soemwhere else
Yesterday i actually remembered to pick my car keys up before i walked out of the room i was in, usually i would go all the way down the stiars and remember than and im not fan of stairs! need five minute breaks after them, but i actually had a thought process lol it was " better get your keys first before you head off" I just about fell over i was so surprised :)


barbar - October 13

Last Saturday, I accidentally made the best chicken stew I have ever made! My sister and an old buddy showed up and we all had such a wonderful time. My sister showed up with a collection of desserts and by buddy and brought Chinese food (we ate the Chinese food and he got to take to stew home so he didn't have to eat peanut butter out of the jar all week). We did absolutely nothing but talk about current events, everything from power politics to whose hot on the runway, and pass the remote around. I've known my buddy for over 30 years and he's been such a dear friend to me. He's helped me out in hard times and been there for the celebrations. When he comes over, no matter how sick I am, I SERVE him---meaning, I get up and get him his coffee, or his meal, or whatever, but he is treated like a king. (On the other hand, he cleans up after everybody, makes sure my car is in running order, changes all the light bulbs, takes out all the trash---you can see it's a good working relationship). So that's what I did that makes me feel better---absolutely nothing but the share the loving company of family and friends. (My sister serves no-one. She is a diva. (Come to think of it, I serve my buddy and my buddy serves my sister. Works out fine.))


carm - October 13

I worked 10 hours this week at my old job and had a good time. I made some homemade meals and desserts and slept pretty well overall. My shoulder just howled when the cold snapped here but today is a better day. Thanks for the idea about what is good about the week Oh, and for the most part my husband is fairly understanding which I know in some cases spouses can be sort of hard so I am thankful for that.


AmberRose - October 13

Yes i am thankfull for my hsuband being supportive as well! And its great to be able to help other people even when they dont ask! like making stew !! :) Hopefullymore people write soemthing its good to know that other people can be happy even with fibro! Then we know its not all so bad !!


BrandyO - October 13

This is great, very therapeutic for us all. I think we sometimes forget to thank God for the things we can do! I got out my John Deer rider mower and mulched all the leaves that had fallen from the Hickory Nut trees out in my front yard before the wind could blow them into the neighbors yard. I'm sure they appreciated it and I felt as tho I accomplished something major. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! .... Brandy


AmberRose - October 13

Not only does that sound like an accomplishment it sounds fun!


Virg - October 15

Hi Amber Rose, terrific idea. I guess I have to cover almost one month, getting the call about the apartment we wanted and being able to pack and move and have already unpacked 99% and set up. All through needing to finance and find a new car (the other went), moving through a busy long weekend and having to clean up the apartment we left.
I honestly am so grateful that I had the strenght and the absolute support and humour from my guy. the movers were the best (not one thing broke) and since our sofa didn't fit we got a better one for the same price. I swear prayer helps because we sure were looked after there. Also last but not least you all on the forum. You were my relief line. Thank you. Yup I've just had my 2 two flare but getting over it and being in the new place is terrific.


AmberRose - October 15

Well virg you sure give me hope that our move wil be good too...allthough we are moving from a townhouse and into a bigger house my husband is goign to be working late all day everyday untill we move , the only good thing is my brother in law is buying the house so i really only have to clean the oven and fridge cuase hes goign to "modernize" the place. i still have tons of packing left and that i wish i could wiggle my nose and have it done!!!i guess we will see how it goes only 16 days left! I am going to get at least one box packed today though!!!! Even if it kills me lol:)


Virg - October 16

Kindered Spirits for sure Amber Rose,
Onward and Upward ... a box a day is the right way to go. I believe you said your husband is in construction and you have small children (hope I haven't got it
confused) I've been there too and realize how much falls on your shoulders during construction times. Just keep looking at the prize. Thoughts are with you.


AmberRose - October 16

Thanks Virg! Yes my husband is in construction and i do have small sure is handfull! but thanks for the encouragement!


barbara s. - October 16

I feel good about myself because I just made it through the blizzard in Buffalo. Power is on after 3 days. Spent most of my time shoveling out from under a few feet of snow, bailing water out of my basement, lugging around fallen tree limbs, cleaning out the destroyed stuff. I am a single mom of the two best teenagers (18 yr old daughter & 16 yr old son), and would have never been able to do it without them. Still have lots more to do, and I am so achy I can hardly move, but I'm just pushing thru it and thankful to have my power back on. A lot of people still don't and won't until the end of the week. I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow, but will be here getting rid of more tree limbs. My yard looks like a war zone. So I am thankful that I made it through this!!


TERESA - October 16

Wow, I've been watching football, but I didn't hear about the bizzard! Glad you and your family are alright!! I did have some fun today. I went to a birthday party for my 98 year old grandma! Both of my sons were there along with my, cute as a button, 6 mo old grandson!!! Almost the entire family was there & we don't have that happen too often!


charliebrown - October 16

Hello to all. I have been following this forum for a number of months and even had input a couple of times. Things got a bit crazy thee for a while. I am happy to see it is back to what it should be. People helping people. Are the luckiest people in the world. Oops, got side tracked! Really, by the sound of everything there is not too much hope in the medical profession for us and everyone's input is a big help for all. When this all started with me, after a vehicle accident everything just started going crazy with my body and just kept getting worse instead of better. I started getting info off the internet, as I wasn't getting anywhere with my doc. I was attending physio and my therapist told me to have my doctor refer me to a rheumy. He said that he was just as capable as a rheumy to diagnose FM, which is what I told him that I thought I had. Anyways, nothing was done other than him giving me Tylenol 3 and Zopliclone for sleeping. which has been wonderful, by the way. My doc, gotta love him, is a bit forgetful and after a few more visits, I "reminded him that I still hadn't heard about any appointment for a rheumy" that he had "suggested" I see. Well, a few days later came the call with the appointment I wanted. Bottom line, I saw the rheumy and after waiting for about 6 months I finally got results of that visit. My doctor scratched his head surprisingly as he read the results from rheumy stating that he felt I had FM as a result of the accident. My doc then states that he "was sure that it was not FM". Sorry guys that I am going on so, but you see what I mean about MD's. I was then referred by my lawyers to see a couple of independent docs brcause of the accident and they confirmed that not only did I have FM, but they suspected that I had MFP as well. Now I have Flexeril added to my meds (which by the way do nothing for me at all) as well as an anti-depressant, Acupril, 150Mg. and we tried to raise it to 300 mg. but I had side effects. So, this med was chosen because it was felt that it would have the least affect in mood altering and weight gain. Guess what? I have gained 45 lbs. and I am depressed because of it! What's to do? By the way I am female, and 60 years old. I work full time and I thank God that I am able to rouse myself out of bed in the morning to go to work. I stand all day (though lately, I have been half sitting/standing with the help of a tall stool). If I stop working I am finished, even sitting at a bus stop and sitting on the bus home does me in. I get home and I am flat out. Lucky for me my husband doesn't mind (or see) the dust bunnies everywhere. I juszt can't do a thing. My bed and my wonderful infrared heating pad are my saviours. It also helps to have a hot shower and exercise. Are you all still with me? After lying in bed for a while and I get up, the pain in my feet is excruciating. I had ter5rible RLS, but the sleeping pills eliminated that. Well, I guess you are all sick of my pity party and I know we are all in the same boat, but it is nice to be in touch with someone who is in the same condition and understands all the crazy symptoms of FM. I wouldn't even mention them all to my doc (or any, by the way) He knows nothing about it and doesn't know how to treat it. He is making an appointment for me to see a psyciatrist (sp) to help with the depression. Good night and God Bless.


charliebrown - October 16

Sorry, the accupril is for blood pressure, the anti-depressant isEffexor. Night!


AmberRose - October 16

Well charlie brown , im glad to see tha tyou can still go to work thats an accomplishment anyone should be proud of ! I was so dissapointed in myself when i quit, but i had no idea then waht was wrong with me! As for the dust bunnies i think i have a few of those as well ! As long as they dont turn into jaberwockies i think we should all be okay ! take it easy ! And as for that blizzard barbara s, im hurting jsut thinking of all the shovling WAY TO GO ! Im tired jsut from thinking about it. its supposed to snow her ein calgary tonight, i hope it melts right away if it does...!


charliebrown - October 16

Amber, what part of Calgary do you live in? I, too, live there in the southeast part of the city. Hope we don't get that snow. you know how the first snowfall makes all the crazy drivers come out.


AmberRose - October 16

Hey charlie brown i live in queensland soon to be woodbine. and im dreading the crazy snow was bad enough when school started, now snow! scary!



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