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Social Security Disability and Fibromyalgia
4 Replies
Suzanne From Atlanta - January 1

Does anyone in the state of Georgia hace SSD for fibronyalgian ? If so, how mant times were you told NO first? Did you have to go in front of a judge ? If so can you explain what happened with the judge, the questions and his/her attitude on bibromyalgis? Does he/she/ judge believe in fibromyalgia ? Are any of you in the Atlanta, Georgia area ? Thank you so much to any of you who reply, I appreciate it. I've been waiting almost "3" year to get a courtdate in front of a judge !! ;( How do they think we should live while we wait this ridiculous long wait ???


Jean - December 29

You will be denied 2 times before setting up an appointment with a judge. I've not gotton that far yet and I started working again to see if I can so that is something else to consider. Sorry I couldn't help more.


Andrea - December 29

actually just save yourself the trouble and get a lawyer they can't charge unless you actually get disability.....this is at least what is happening to me, I'm on my second try with the lawyer and still waiting for a hearing..wish me luck..good luck suzanne


Dana - January 1

I was denied 4 times and now waiting for my hearing date. I have had an attorney for the last 2 deniels and have listed more the my FMS, I also have CFS, BiPolar and Herniated Disc's just to name a few. So make sure your medical record reflect what your told you have and don't give up without a fight. I for one will go one day soon and sit on Capital Hill and fight for Fibro, CFS and Mental Health.


coco - January 1

look in google.. type in Jeffrey Rabin he is a disability lawyer in the U.S.A. you could email him and he will answer you back and perhaps suggest a place you could call for more info on disability.. He is one of the best.. a friend of mine used him and she won her case.... he is a total believer in fibro
hope this helps



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