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Social Security Court Outcome
8 Replies
toots2889 - November 18

Well,I had my day in court on the 16th of this month. I was quit shocked at how the hearing went. My attorney didnt get to say a word, my witness came along for nothing, and the courts occupational worker didnt get to say anything. The only ones to talk were me and the judge and that took all of 1/2 to 45 min. Then the judge said something to my atty. and my atty. took me out to talk to me. I won but they were only willing to offer back pay at that point from March of 08 forward. I could take that or continue with the case and risk not getting anything or getting more back pay. I took what he first offered to me as I didnt want to risk not getting anything. Im just so releived its over and ill get to keep my boys!!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PRAYERS!! I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR GETTING ME THROUGH ALL OF THIS!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


Noca - November 18

Best of luck!


ptalana - November 18

Congrats toots, I'm so happy for you and your family!!!! I'm in the appeals process for my CPP here in Canada I hope I get a positive result.
All the best, Patty


axxie - November 18

Congrats toots2889, I am happy the outcome was good for you. :)


axxie - November 18

Hey ptalana, hoping you get a positive result with CPP. They are not the easiest people in the world. I'm not even going to try with CPP yet, right now I have to satisfy the judge that I tried returning to work. We will see how things go after my first week.


mypain - November 19



Fantod - November 19

toots2889 - I'm so glad to hear that you had a successful outcome on your hearing. You must feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of your shoulders. Congratulations!


toots2889 - November 20

Fantod, you couldnt have said it better. I feel like a ton of bricks has been removed from my shoulders. Thanks to all of you for your posts, they were greatly appreciated. I will pray daily for the many of you that are still fighting.

If i can give any advise here, it would be to hire an attorney right away. Dont try and do this yourself because if your wording isnt politically correct it will be used against you. I did it myself until the court appeal and the judge basically said because of how I described things(not being clear enough) and the fact that it seemed as I was fairly active by doing housework ect-(and not stating how I did it-such as breaking myself often ect) thats why I didnt get all my backpay.
Really spending time on it and try to list every symptom that you have.

Again thanks for all your support and prayers. God bless you all and take care.


Fantod - November 20

I would never use an attorney to file for Social Security Disability. It takes far too long and most people are not successful the first time. Allsup does all of the paperwork for you so it is filled out correctly the first time. Typically it takes 6 months from start to finish and you don't have the additional stress of having to go to court. They have a 98% success rate. Take care.



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