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So tired I can't think straight.
3 Replies
fibromite.u.k. - September 1

Hi, I am so tired that I feel sick with it. I sleep and sleep and still need more. I suppose part of it is because of the underactive thyroid which I have been found to have recently. I have been on tablets for that for two weeks now and still feel just as exhausted. I could just cry and cry with tiredness. I have to see an orthopeadic surgeon at the hospital tomorrow about my toe problem. It seems that I may need an op on my toe, but I honestly feel so tired that I don't know if I can cope with an op just now. I can't seem to remember things and even feel too tired to eat. If my husband didn't get me something to eat then I just wouldn't bother. When I finally dragged myself out of bed today, I had a bath and got dressed and was so exhausted again that I had to lay down for an hour to get over it. It's hard to believe that only two years ago I couldn't sleep and was going to my doctor for sleeping aids. Sorry to moan, I just need to tell someone how I feel right now.


Noca - September 1

I sleep for 11-12 hours and I still feel fatigued. I'm constantly exhausted in the day, yet still have problems sleeping at night.


kvc33 - September 1

I know exactly what you are going through my dear. My exhaustion has been severe for sixteen years. Many days I can't even take a shower or get up to get myself something to eat. I live in a small cottage which is good because it means the bathroom and kitchen are only a few feet away. Right now my sleep schedule is all messed up. I'm awake until 2 am and sleep till noon. I wake up so groggy and exhausted that I feel like I'll just sleep all day and pretend the world doesn't exist. I want to be a part of what's going on in the world but don't have the energy for it. A lot of the time all I can do is count my blessings in order to go on. Hopefully your thyroid med will kick in soon, give it time.


Sonja44 - September 14

I'm having one of those days too. Woke up after 10.5 hours of sleep, showered and now I'm in my recliner barely able to lift my head. So much for doing anything constructive today.

No need to apologize for "moaning" as this is the safe place to do just that from time to time.



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