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So many symptoms! Eye problems anyone?
3 Replies
melmel23 - May 26

Hi, i'm female and 23, i have recently bin diagnosed (3 weeks ago) with Fibromyalgia. However i have been having allot of diverse symptoms and also have had IBS for years now and just bin diagnosed with TMJ (Been suffering silently for years). I also have depression and have recently been experiences extreeme anxiety and panick attacks over my health and symptoms! So allot going on. However one of my symptoms troubles me and im still worried, if annyone can relate or advise me; I have been experiencing weird sensations in my left eye, like air in the corner, it waters soemtimes and ive been having blurred vision in both. I also notice my eyes are worse when i have indigestion and upper gastric problems where i need to burp allot. My symptoms vary allot and sometimes pain is not the worse symptom, does this sound like fms? Beacuse i wonder if docs diagnoses is wrong? I do have costocondritis and lots of aches and pains, rashes, itching all over episodes,tingling, sometimes feel like i cant breathe or its a effort to! and sometimes allot of fatigue - but im just saying that joint pain and aches are not always the worst symptom. For instance this last week i have mostly bin troubled with Severe constipation and abdominal pain. Anyway please help and share your insights. Sorry for going on - just getting it all of my chest. None of my friends understand or seem to want to - think they just concluded i was a hypocondriac long ago - and now dont pay attention. Oh PS. Ive also had Laryingitis, ear infection, sinisitis, viral infection, throat infection, wisdom tooth infection and so on all since jan. Im sure ive had far too much antibiotics! is all of this fms???


lumper - May 26

Hey melmel23. I have a lot of the same symptoms you describe. The IBS, TMJ, and costochondritis can all be caused by fibro. My friends also used to call me a hypochondriac but I told them I was just sick all the time and that I had legitimate diseases. Luckily one of myfriends became a doctor and he is the one who finally put the pieces together. I don't know about the eye stuff but I would not be surprised at anything with FMS. When I first heard the diagnosis I did lots of reading and was surprised at the symptoms that are seemingly unrelated. Don 't feel bad about unloading on this site. Nobody else really understands how this feels except for the people who are suffering. I have found lots of good websites but one I liked in particular was That may not be the correct url but it was something like that. Good luck. Lumper


caren - June 18

hi melmel23 ive got fms had it since july last year and have had ibs 4 14 yrsi also have all youre symptoms you can email me if you wuld like 2 talk its [email protected] take care caren


Laur - June 19

You know, I was wondering the same thing about the eyes. I'm a 45 year old female and I thought maybe my age was catching up with my eyesight. But, it seems to be worse during a flare, the same symptoms you describe. I think I'll ask my Doc about it next month when I see him...



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