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So How Was your Week
5 Replies
axxie - March 25

Mine was the pits, first I lashed out on my daughter, you see she's 17 and even though we went to New York City last week, I would have thought that missy would have been able to find herself a prom dress. Well guess what I guess what was in the store didn't suit her. Finally finds a dress but it's too bihg, and want's me to buy it so that it can altered. I said no.

So now I just finished having a fight with hubby to the point of no return, on top of that I missed worked on wednesday because I'm battling a migraine from hell. Vomiting and coming out at both ends it's not a fun thing to do, especially when I took me I happen to be in the kitchen, here I am throwing up on the floor and well lets just say my pants weren't clean and my husband didn't even say anything to me, because he was afraid of the response I was going to give him.
I finally got into my room and stayed there until just now, now my husband is gone to his mother until after easter and I have daughter who for some reason is being way too nice to me.

I feel like throwing the towel and walking out on the family, because it feels no one is helping me out. Hubby made supper yesterday and left the dishes on the sink, didn't clean the oven (what a mess) and then only to go to the upstair bathroom to find that one was equally dirty from hubby and daughter using it. On top of that hubby was walking in the house with his running shoes.

I just feel like screaming on top of my lungs, then I get a call from my un favourite person of all times that would be his mother, calls to find out when her dear son will be coming over to stay with them for awhile.

I hate my life, the only one that actually who loves me seems to be my cat.....

Arg, is there a pill for me so that I can just forget my last two extremely weeks that I have had.

BTW I hope I haven't aleniated my boss, I was on holidays last week, and missed wednesday. Oh I can't wait to get into work tomorrow and see what other wall will come tumbling down.


Fantod - March 26

Hi Axxie - Sorry to hear that things have been do difficult lately. I think of you often and wonder how work is going. Actually - I worry about you often and wonder how work is going.

I agree it is pretty tough to be so ill and live in a household where the only person who "gets" it is you. Been there, done that. And, as you know, due to the circumstances that you live with, your symptoms and migraines tend to be even worse. Not sure what to tell you here but speaking from personal experience (after 21 yrs) I am generally better since I now live alone. At least, if there is any drama, I'm the one who is creating it.

Hopefully by now things have calmed down a bit and your migraine is better. Just wanted you to know someone out here in cyberland is listening and understands. Take care.


Canada17 - March 26

axxie, the one thing I would suggest to you is to let things slide a little more. If you aren't feeling well, arguing with people over things that stress you out is only going to make you feel worse.

If your husband and daughter mess up the place, ask them to clean it, if they don't then let it stay dirty until you are well enough to do some tidying.

When you monster-in-law calls, keep it short and remember that as soon as you hang up the phone, she's gone and you don't have to talk to her anymore.

I can relate to your daughter's want to buy a dress and have it altered. I have always had a hard time finding something that I like that fits me properly and sometimes alterations are the only option for me. If it's for her prom, maybe make her a deal, you'll help her out as long as she works to pay you back.

You want the house clean, right? Tell her you'll get her the dress and pay for the alterations but she'll have to work off the cost by picking up some extra chores around the house. If she doesn't agree to it, then she can kiss her dress goodbye. If she agrees, then she gets her dress and you get a clean house. I would think the dress is the reason she is being exceptionally nice to you, use it to your advantage, she wants to make a deal.

Take a deep breath and remember that no one can know what is eating at us if we don't tell them. Also keep in mind that how we say things is just as important as saying them.

Nothing is more important than your health, especially the bathroom. What I mean is that you don't have to put your house above your health. Take some time for you.


ptalana - March 27

Hey Axxie, wow, sounds like you've been through the wringer lately (to say the least). When I'm in the midst of a migraine I can't think straight for the pain, much less handle any household issues. I tend to stay in bed in the dark and separate from all and everyone, not just for me but for them as well.
I too worry about you, you are a very strong woman and I think like myself a bit of a perfectionist? Please remember to take care of yourself first, the other things/issues will still be there. One of the things that having fibro has taught me is that having a perfectly clean house isn't in the grand scheme of things all that important. But your health is!!!
I have raised three daughters so I totally get how frustrating it can be at times. What Canada said is a super idea, regarding making a deal with your daughter in regards to the prom dress.
How is work going for you, Axxie? I hope that you're not pushing yourself too much. It sounds like you lucked out with a very supportive and understanding employer so I don't think you need to add another worry. I'm sure all will be fine.
As for a magic pill, ahhhhh..... let me know if/when you find it, lol:)
I hope you're migraine is fading.
Take care, Patty


feelinghopeless - March 27

I have had a week of hell. I have been getting testing done so I can be diagnosed and was so hopeful about getting treatment and now I am put on hold by my insurance company. I am alone, 1200 miles from my home and have been sicker than a dog. Today I can't even walk across the room. I have been in bed all day and haven't slept in 3 days. I don't have any meds because that is what they want to do during my treatment program, so until insurance gets their act together, I am stuck here, in pain, and feeling more hopeless than ever.


axxie - March 28

Thank you so much Fantod; Canada17; ptalana for your kind words it means so much to me. You are such sweet people. I also often think of you all, when I can't get to the forum to send a message. It's part of everyone's life I guess we need each other to make it through just one more day of days when things go wrong.

My tension headache has finally faded, I am alone at home and enjoying every bit of it. Hubby won't be back until after Easter and I have the house to myself, except that I do have to share it with daughter who is being extremely nice to me.

Work is going great, but even working only three days a week, I sometimes miss a day, I try not to miss but with how fibro is sometimes, I need to recoup. I work Mondays, Wednesday and Friday only work from 8:30 to 2:30 when I'm at work I'm happy because I feel I'm contributing, but I also sometimes find it difficult to make it. When 2p.m. comes sometimes I have to leave because I'm exhausted. When I get home the only thing I want to do is take my clothes off put my pj and want to sleep until I'm rested. Easier said then done.

As for my daughter I'll let her have the dress if she agrees to pick up chores around the house. I'm sure she'll agree, doing do is another thing.

I will bid you all a goodnight and may you sleep like little angels and that you wake up feeling refresh tomorrow.

God bless you all.



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