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sneezing and nausea
3 Replies
lizziesummer - February 21

Hi i was searching the internet tonight to look up people who suffer with sneezing and nausea. I have found links to fibromyalgia, i was diagnosed about 3 years ago now so was very interested to read of others with the sneezing and nausea symptoms too, please mail with any suggestions what causes this and why it could be related to fibromyalgia


llcsmom - February 22

Hi, I haven't heard about sneezing as a connection to FM, but the nausea I have. My daughter has alot of nausea most days now and it is awful for her (she's 11). The fatigue and nausea are almost a daily thing for her to deal with. I'm still trying to figure out why, but it IS a common symptom for people with FM. IBS is always listed as a another condition found with FM. Another thing to think about is--is it a side effect of medication. She has been on SSRI antidepressant for a year, and the nausea started a few months ago, so I think it is nausea related to the FM. Right now she is having a flare up and is completely miserable--besides the nausea, it is pain, of course, and it is all over her body. This is definitely hard to deal with for her and for me. Back to the nausea... I give her some saltines to munch on and we've tried peppermint oil (dilute it with regular oil first) and then apply it to her tummy. She sucks on ice chips too. Nothing seems to make it go away, though. Bummer.


llcsmom - February 22

I forgot to mention that this week, when she has tried to do schoolwork and reading homework, the nausea comes on even stronger--she said she feels like she is getting car sick--like motion sickness. I have to run that by her dr. next week.


Fantod - February 24

I would suggest you try ginger for nausea. It works quite well. You should be able to find some ginger lozenges or something like that at a good local health food store.



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