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23 Replies
Theodora - November 7

for all you lady who want quit smoking, can be done! smoke is so bad for fibro, this is proven fact. i laugh when i read that someone argue with there doctor about how hard to quit, dr. dont care! he only tell you for you own risk. you argue with yourself. love you and take care, this mean not abuse yourself with chemical that kill you. how can body heal get signal from YOU that you dont care about you? please take care ladies. god bless.


andi - November 7

I guess I'm just shocked at how uncompassionate Theodora is being. I guess she means well, but I don't believe in this "tough love" thingee here at this forum.

This quote from one of Theodora's threads really got me:
"Answer: Debrah, you say you dont wan hear anymore, so why you always tell evrybody all you personal buisness? i hope you keep you nose clean on forum, no more games. what a bunch of baloney! ="

Whats up with you Theodora? I think Debra was trying to exlain her situation and has a lot going on in her life right now. I'm most sure she wants to quit like most smokers. I guess I'd hate to have you at my deathbed. You'd be most harsh and totally lacking in compassion and understanding..................sheeeeeeeesh!! Lighten up!


Theodora - November 7

dear andy, i am sorry if i sound harsh for you. i am very low tolerate for this one lady because she cause lots problem on this forum before. go back 2-3 pages & you see what i mean. she say many mean thing to other lady, you go look & see. she know very well what i meaning..... i am very compassionet & worked as caregiver for yrs. you should read my other reply before judge me too okay?


andi - November 7

I don't have a lot of time to figure it all out, and I'm new here as of 10 days ago. I did manage to read one of Debra4's post ffrom 10/11/06 after you asked me to go back. Sounds like she's had trouble on here with Debra and Debra4 and whatever. But the post I just referred to sounded sincere.
My feeling is that we're dealing with people on here who feel horrible most of the time. Each day is a challenge to feel the best we can. So, I jumped on you regarding Debra4! My reaction came from an attitude from you I just don't understand.
No hard feelings.........I just saw it as well.


Theodora - November 7

thankyou andy, i sorry if i upset you or anyone ekse. usual i ignore her post but i make mistake of answer this time. this same story about jaw again set me off, this is what start whole drama before. please know i helped many people when they very sick and even dying. i have strong express for smoking because i see so MANY lose life from it. i KNOW how bad smoke is for fibro. i never come here any more- some of us who come here for years know exact what i mean and why. i will not say anymore. blessing all of you good women.


andi - November 9

I really have just started as a member of this forum, so I don't really know what transpired with anyone calling themselves Debra.
In the past and before I was diagnosed with FMS, I would go to other forums that had to do with spinal surgeries I've had and other symptoms. I know things can get tough and sometimes people can be rude and disrespectful. Then, of course, we always have those perverted sicko's who have no business being on here and are only mocking us.
I basically try to ignore all that stuff. I know that none of us need any more stress in our lives. We're not in here to fight or be impostors. We have questions and a story to tell. We need to have a place to shed the tears and be understood.
So, whoever these DEBRA's were or heck with them. And, whatever you went through with any hurt or misunderstanding, I'm sorry you had to if in essence you were being accused of being someone you're not. Like I said, I haven't been here long enough to know what really went on...........but we should all let bygones be bygones, right??
Take care


Kathryn1947 - November 11

Hi Stephanie - I too am a smoker. With all the pain I've had for years, just won't put myself in a position for more agony. No doubt smoking isn't good for the fibromyalgia, but we all have to make choices to get through each day with the pain. Perhaps it's a crutch ... but it's my cross to bear. The smoking is a stress reliever and helps a bit when everything is out of focus due to the pain.


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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