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23 Replies
Stephanie417 - October 26

I smoke, although im working on quitting, just wondering how many of you also smoke?.. anyone think this makes symptoms worse?


Amyloo - October 26

Hi Stephanie, I smoked for 20+ years. (I am 43) I quit about 1 1/2 years ago. What a stinken struggle; it still is to this day. As far as whether it made fibro worse, I truely didn't see any connection. I do know that blood cannot get to areas that need repair as well in a smoker. I am also very happy every night when I get into bed and know that I have not smoked. I do still chew nicorette though, even after a year and a half, but I don't care. God bless, Amy


Stephanie417 - October 26

ah.. thanks amyloo ! I am proud of you !!.. I hope that I will be a non smoker soon too... Stupid things !!!


Virg - October 26

Hi I'm a smoker of 40 years. Never went as high as two pack a day but still put the tar and nicotine in my lungs. The tar and other chemicals are not what I crave but the nicotien which is bad for the heart is quite a craving. I did the nicoderm patch for 4 weeks about 4 years ago and quit for 8 weeks. I didn't notice any change in my pain which at that time was in a real bad flare. I can't chew gum so never tried nicorette but with my luck my jaw would be aching horrendously, I probably might try the patch in the future when I could wrap my head around quitting.


TERESA - October 27

I am a smoker also, for about 25 years now. I tried to stop several years ago. I only accomplised quiting for 6 months & never stop wanting a cigarette!!! I only smoke about 2/3 of a pack a day though. Still I know I should quit but I don't want to!!! I don't believe that smoking can cause or make FMS worse. I think for me that smoking is a stress reliever & quiting would cause my stress to be a WHOLE LOT WORSE!!


AmberRose - October 27

while i was quitting thats when i noticed the flare ups. But smoking is never good for you who knows.....i only smoked for 5 years but my parents all smoked in the house around me for ages i actually didn't smoke tell i was 20 and i think when i moved out from home i had 2nd hand smoke withdrawal :)


Debra4Real - October 27

Hi:Everyone Great topic..I smoke a pack a day.I've tried to quit aswell.It is one of the hardest thing to try to quit when your having extreme pain.I was just told by my Doctor that i have to quit cold turkey because they are going to preform open jaw joint surgery on me and they said that if i dare smoke it could kill me.I told them that to prepare for this kind of surgery is stressfull enough never mind to try quitting at the same time.I dont know what i would do without my cig's.But most importantly i dont want to die.P.S.Amyloo good for you.You should be very proud of yourself.Take Care...Always Debra.


Virg - October 27

Hi Debra4Real,thats quite an ordeal jaw surgery you're facing. Best thoughts and wishes your way that it goes by like a breeze. What did the doc mean by your smoking? Was it the components of the smoke or the dragging and enhaling of the ciggy. Would the nicoteen hurt? If not maybe use the patch for the bit before and after the surgery.


TJS - October 27

I quit on July 5th, the day after my brother had open heart surgery, and femural artery stints both legs. The doctor that did the surgery told him it was just good old smokers plaque, even though he had quit 25 years ago..


Amyloo - October 27

Hi All, I can add another two cents on this topic: as far as surgery and smoking, doctors want you to quit about two weeks prior to surgery and not smoke after, because in slows the healing process. (Your body is processing cigarette stuff instead of being able to focus on healing, I guess.) This absolutely, positively, was the hardest thing I ever have done. But here is what I did: 1) Wellbuitrin. This is the antidepresant that has the side effect of not wanting you to smoke. About three years before I quit I was put on this med, and immediately noticed that instead of a pack and a half a day, I was at about 8 cigarettes a day. (Zero effort, I wasn't trying. It was wierd.) When I decided to quit, I got the gum, the 4mg. (no wimpy 2 mg for me!) During the first month I cried like a baby, chugged water every time I wanted to smoke, jogged back and forth through my house and hit my knees for a lot of prayer. And chewed and chewed and chewed the gum. Like I said in a previous post, I still chew it. Quitting stinks, you feel like you are loosing your best friend, and it is a personal decision. No one could tell me to stop; I decided on my own the day I took my mom into the hosp. (for about the fourth time in four years) for what she calls "asthma" but we all know it is emphesima. (she had smoked for 50 years.) Anyway, it stinks, it sucks, but it can be done. God bless, Amy


Theodora - October 31

i cannot beleive how you all puff puff ... with this disease!? this shocking. you must take better care of yourself! it is fact that fibromyalgia muscle pain is mainly cause by oxygen deprvation to muscle (trigger pts)... what you think smoking do? ROB YOUR BODY OF OXYYGEN!!! this is way so crazy to me. i smoke as a young woman before i have fibro but quit many year ago, so i know it hard but you are sick enough, goodness! Debra doctor is told you must stop smoke OR DIE... how is this hard choice? STOP! i sorry but i think this is crazy how can you smoke with broke jaw anyway? you find away? this is so bad. i remeber this debra from summer who say you had jaw surgery already before, you in hospital while girl friend type messeges for you. why they must do again? you msut stop smoke, if you life is at steak who cares about puff puff?!?! i dont understand you.


Theodora - October 31


colleen steele - November 1

Hi Stephine..I too smoke,it is really a nasty nasty habit.I believe you really have to want to quit before you can.When I decide to quit I plan to go cold turkey.My Dr. hates cigs,as all Dr.'s do , gave me a photo copy of an box of insecticide dated back in the 50's, I think.The main ingredient was nicotine.Scary thought huh ? He also told me nicotine addiction is one step down as an addiction to cocaIn,as a comparison . Anyway I don't believe the patches are any good either as they administer nictone into you body but not the smoke in your lungs.He also told me smoking triggers fibro pain.Maybe he was just telling me that so I would quit.I don't know.Actually he was the second Dr. to tell me that , the other one wouldn't even treat me at all.She was a real b--ch anyway. But I guess it did't scare me enough though cause I still smoke. I even hate the smell of my house,car,clothes,breath,etc.....Good luck to you in quitting I pray for you to succeed. I know it is very hard.


Debra4Real - November 4

Hi:Virg How are you doing?.I hope that your are now settled down in your new place.Thanks for you kind words.Well,its not my first jaw surgery and it will not be my last.My surgeon has stressed what smoking can do not only to your jaw but to the rest of your body.I have tried to quit so many times and i have failed.i'm a very strong willed person when it comes to anything but my smoking.I will quit soon and i will try the patch.Thanks again for your kind wishes and for thinking of me.P.S..My trip to B.C.has again been delayed because of the surgery.You take good care of yourself Virg.....Always Debra.


Debra4Real - November 4

Hi:Theodora Thank you for you stern,but kind words.You are right about the smoking.I'm trying very hard and i will do it.To quit that is.About the surgery,yes i have had jaw surgery and my jaw was broken,but its not broken now.It may take many surgeries to fix it...I know that you mean well,but i dont need to hear it anymore.I know what i have to do so i shall do it.It's great that you quit.You are a very strong person and i have alot of respect for you.Smoking is deadly and you know it and everyone knows it.There are people dying of lung cancer and they are still smoking.Its so hard,so very,very hard to quit.I envy you.Take good care.Always Debra...


Virg - November 4

Hi Debra4Real , weather is in its rainy stage for now. By the time you're done with and healed from surgery Victoria will be ready for you with blooming flower baskets and great weather.


Theodora - November 7

for all you lady who want quit smoking, can be done! smoke is so bad for fibro, this is proven fact. i laugh when i read that someone argue with there doctor about how hard to quit, dr. dont care! he only tell you for you own risk. you argue with yourself. love you and take care, this mean not abuse yourself with chemical that kill you. how can body heal get signal from YOU that you dont care about you? please take care ladies. god bless.



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