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small nodules under the skin
6 Replies
deeann - October 17

My sister suffers many symptoms of fibromyalgia. When she lived in the East coast, the doctors were pretty sure that it was the cause of a lot of her suffering. They were doing tests for Lupis as well. Now, on the west coast, the doctor says that she would be in pain all the time if she had it and he has dismissed the possiblity. I disagree. But I am not a doctor!
Anyway, one of her symptoms is that she gets these little nodules under her skin like flat M&Ms. and they are sensitive and hurt. Her pain is worse in the mornings. Anyone know what these are??


Virg - October 17

Hi deeann, where are the nodules situtated. I don't know if its the same thing as I have in my scalp but this is interesting. I live on the west coast of Canada.


barbar - October 17

This may be myofasia disorder where the myofasia get bunched up and can also cause pain.


deeann - October 18

Hi Virg. They are on her arms and legs and also occasionally on her torso.


Lynne-FT - October 26

I too have these flay m&m sized bumps I have CMP with the fibro from what I have read these are where knots form in the muscles and can spead ............. here is just one site that will explain it a little better


Virg - October 26

Hi deeann, sorry I missed your acknowledgment I must have been out of it. I GOOGLED fibromyialgia and skin nodules and none of it was clear except lupus and lymes disease came up. Now her doc said she would be in pain all the time living on the west coast? Thats funny because the east coast weather could be harsher on FMS because of the weather, but thats in Canada. I got some info from a fibro group here when I was diagnosed. A change in climate might help the fms sufferer but in time one adjusts to the climate and the same pain returns. If your sister still has the skin nodules and pain that is like fibro she should get a second opionion.


Arthur - November 8

Dear Sir, I am also a sufferrer of fibromyalgia and have gotsmall little nodules under my skin, however they do not pain. check out the othersymptoms of fibromyalgia. Here is a good link -
- and -



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