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slurrng words
21 Replies
peachmelba - August 12

hi all
does anyone have trouble sometimes especially when tired getting there words out properly . mine come out all slurred or back to front for e.g.
instead of saying something like head to toe, it comes out like "ted to hoe", does that make sense???
take care
peachmelba uk


Nola - August 12

I know what you mean...sometimes I stutter, sometimes I know what I want to say but cant quite get the word out...I know that people have commented that I am talking really fast and running words together..It is really frustrating.
I am still trying to come to terms with all the symptoms of fibro....How do you know what is normal?


axxie - August 12

He peachmelba, I know what you mean, I try not to talk too much, afraid of slurring the words. Once on medication and that right dose you should feel much better and not slurr so much.

Just to give you something to laugh about, I was at the movie theatre with my daughter and another mother and her daughter, we proceeded to the counter to buy candy, out of the blue I said, may I have a penis please, what I was suppose to say was, may I have a piece of pizza please. Yes, everyone laughed and I was deep red in the face, and I kept apologizing. It's not the first time and I guess I won't be the last. Just keep going and laugh it out.


JOEGIRL - August 12

Peach,I know just what you mean.I have days I just can't get the words out right no matter how I try. O well, guess we can just laugh it off like ,Axxie ,said. I am still LOL on her reply.


peachmelba - August 16

thankyou all for your input.axxie (i have spelt it right this time sorry). i havent laughed so much in ages, thanks for that it would be nice for a forum just about silly things we get upto wouldn't it. it would deffinately cheer us all up.
take care. peachmelba uk


solanadelfina - August 17

Oh, yes, I can't count the number of times customers ask me to repeat things and how many times I'll spit out gibberish until I get the word I want. I just try and laugh at my clumsy tongue or try to speak a little more slowly.

Haven't asked for any body parts yet, but it's probably just a matter of time. :D A sense of humor is vital on this path.


fibrosurvivor - August 20

I have had fibro for 12 years and just now realized that this speach thing is from it. I just started stuttering about 6 months ago. My family thinks it is hilarious when I do it and I admit that it is pretty funny sometimes. At least when I am not in public. I am so glad to know that I am not alone in this.


Kiwigirl - August 20

Hi there
I too, stumble over my words at times and think that I must sound like I'm drunk. Hadn't actually associated it with FMS,so greatt just another symptom of this dreaded illness. A lot cheaper than having to drink alcohol to get the same effect I guess!!


mimosette - August 21

I bet it was all that Royal Jellie you are taking that caused you to say that, you naughty girl.


axxie - August 21

Hey mimosette, at that time I was not on Royal Jelly!!! that's that maddening thing about it.!!!

I'll tell you, sometimes nothing comes out right, have you ever asked for directions and it's comes out wrong, and the person is looking at you with eyes starring in headlights, I've done it so so many times. (Hubby doesn't think it's funny anymore) but I don't care, lol.

We just had a heated discussion this afternoon, hubby looking for a new car, anyway, he had given our names to this car salesman to call us, when this type of car came out and that he was interested in buying. OK, so far, except the guy never called. So we stopped by, and lo and behold here was a few cars that matched our description. Well the salesguy was busy and I happened to see him and said HI, ok so far, but he didn't recognise us. Kind of maddening, right, anyway, I walked up to him, while he was discussing with his fellow salespeople and I handed him a quarter and told him, by the way, there's a few cars, you have on your lot that I'm interested in buying so here is a quarter and call me! I left, my hubby was just livid and left for the car, while wouldn't you know it, the salesguy ran after me and asked for the phone number. Hubby was mad because he felt that I put the guy in a position in front of other people and I shouldn't do that.

Hello, I thought it was hillarious, I just laugh about it and do other things just to get hubby mad, cause I find him so serious (he military) and I have to laugh, otherwise I'd still be glued to my bed!!! contemplating how to rid me of my pain or contemplating suicide when I'm stuck in the rat race chasing whatever I can, to stop the pain. Do you think, I care, I guess not.


mimosette - August 24

I actually think the quarter thing is pretty darn good.
The salesguy should have been looking for potential customers to pounce on and not yakking it up with his homies.


axxie - August 25

Hey mimosette, do you believe the sales guy called us and my hubby told him, that he was no longer interested, in his ability to sell him a car.

I was happy to see hubby, come around, about the idea to look at life in a better light, as I said to him, you are now 53, you have less then 37 years of good living, then after that, your body will slow down, do you really want to see life so seriously. I guess it made an appact.

With having fibro, I don't need to have a serious life, I would rather laugh, it helps me to keep me sane.

As for the sales guy, he should find himself another job!!!


Michie - September 29

yes, that happens to me often. I don't have to be tired either. the words also get twisted in my head and come out completely wrong. I also think and want to say something and it seems the signals get crossed in my brain and i can't get the word from my head to my mouth come out the same. I tried taking a supplement for two years called Focus Factor and it didn't help me. If you hear of anything to help please post it. I will do the same.


fibrofreaked - October 4

LOL I have just recently been diagnosed. I have noticed for a long while difficulty finding right word, recently started stuttering in a very noticeable manner and I write words and leave out letters. HMMM not good if you are a teacher. I got a kick out of the quarter deal to the salesman. very funny. I was teaching a science lesson and the students were dissecting a flower. I told them to use their thumbnails to pull apart the pistil of the plant... They all began laughing and I cautiously asked why... they swear I told them to use their toenails to do it. I don't always hear the word I use instead of the correct one I guess.


fibro78957 - October 5

I was diagnosed w/ FM about a month ago but it took me almost 13 years to get the correct diagnosis. I have been reviewing this site for the past couple of weeks but been a little shy about posting anything. I too have slurring of the words. I know what I want to say in my head but it doesn't always come out that way. I get a lot of weird looks from people sometime. I can completely sympathize with you. It is the same way with my typing in emails. Sometimes I feel like I have dyslexia.


niknak13 - October 15

hi. yes i know how you feel! my husband calls me Yoda out of star wars!!


axxie - October 15

How I love the Yoda name, it reminds me of my brother in-law at his cottage. The whole family reunion thing, so the kids went to bed, and they were talking about, I hope there's no monsters, anyway, the kids were sleeping everywhere on beds, and floor. Anyway my brother in-law started talking how it reminded him, on how his father had played a trick on him when he was young, after seeing the movie Star Wars, anyway the guys all decided that they would play the same trick to the kids. So my brother in-law climbs up the latter outside of the main windows, dressed like Yoda and starts making noise, while one of the guy had attached one of the kids leg to the bed leg then ran a string under the carpet and once in-awhile he would pull the leg of the bed, to move, concequently one of the kids leg would also move. Well Yoda, has since stayed in my memory and until a few years ago, we would play the tricks on the younger kids, while all in reunion at the brother in-law cottage. I still have happy memories of our halloween reunion.
So Yoda, I give you my hat.....



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