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Sleep Study
12 Replies
lucky13 - June 21

I'm having a sleep study done tonight, just wondering if anyone else has had one, and if the results from it lead to a treatment that helped you with rest and fibro pain?


Pikespeak - June 21

No, I haven't. It will tell you if you get into the REM sleep, which is what most FMS people don't experience without some sort of sleep aid. Best of luck! Let us know how it turns out!


joeboy - June 23

its actually stage 3 and for NON-rem sleep that we have trouble with. This is the deep sleep that precedes rem sleep (the dream state). I had a sleep study done but honestly, its kind of a waste of money, unless you think you might have sleep apnea


January - June 23

My dr. told me to get a sleep study years ago, but I never went. I figured if I couldn't take meds, I'd just be in their lab for a few days, wide awake!

What kind of information do you get when you do a sleep study?? Joeboy, you say it wasn't worth it? Did you get a full EEG and a report on brain activity or was it really limited info and not too valuable?

Does anyone know if they let you take sleeping meds when you go - and if you DO take meds, wouldn't that invalidate the sleep study?

I think I have sleep apnea - I wake myself up snoring. LOL.


lucky13 - July 13

The sleep study was intersting, it was set up like a nice little hotel room, a bed, TV and bathroom, the bedroom had a video camera and recorded any sounds made as well. They hooked wires up to my legs to check for leg movements, and of coarse the elctorode things to my head.
I found out that I do have sleep apnea. Mine is a mild case where I stopped breathing about 10 times an hour and I had 32 disturbances an hour which prevented me from reaching the deep sleep.

I now sleep with a CPAP machine, it's not bad, it's not loud at all and I can tell a big difference. Also sleep apnea is associated with other medical issues like heart disease and failure.
I would suggest anyone who wakes themselves up snoring talk to your Dr about getting a sleep study. Usually when you do that, that's your body trying to breath again.
I haven't got my ins. bill for the study yet, but feeling more rested is so worth it.
Oh and my husband says I don't snore anymore.


lucky13 - July 13

Oh, about the meds, I don't take medication to help me sleep, but the instructions said to bring any of your meds you need to take with you because they are not a hospital and can not provide you with your normal meds.
I would assume that taking the meds would be fine, because they would still be able to tell if your getting the sleep you need and if you have other issues like RLS or sleep apnea.


Pikespeak - July 13

Excellent! Getting a good sleep is everything! You may find that your FMS pain lessens because your muscles are being recharged...keep us posted on this!


January - July 13

Thanks lucky, that was very informative. I need to get this done I suppose….


ladybug2007 - July 14

I had the study because my insurance company told me I had to in order to get my prescription filled for Provigil. I have really bad daytime sleepiness to the point that some days I have to nap at work up to three times a day. I get very drowsy driving to work in the morning and in the afternoon. I can sleep 12 hours and still be so tired it takes a bulldozer to get me out of bed. This being said, my sleep study showed, no deep sleep and of course I have mild sleep apnea. Now I am waiting to get my medication again since I was on it for a year until the insurance said NO. Has anyone else experienced the excessive sleepiness? My two main problems are pain in shoulders, neck, hand and feet, and of course not sleeping well causing the terrible daytime sleepiness... It is just awful.


lucky13 - July 14

Ladybug, since you do have mild sleep apnea, I was just curious if your considering using a CPAP machine?
Mine is not too bad expensive, my insurance pays 85% and I will pay the remaining 15%. They do a rent to own, so it's broken up into monthly payments then after 12 mths the ins company will pay it off. I will pay about $20 a month.
I can tell a differnce in my quality of sleep already and I've only been using the machine for almost 2 weeks now. My rheumatologist said yesturday that as my body adjust to sleeping, I will develop a new more healthier sleep pattern which will help me to feel even better.


ladybug2007 - July 14

The doctor says since I have mild sleep apnea, my insurance will only let me get the mandibular appliance (mouthpiece) and in a couple of months if that is not helping then move on to the cpap. Again insurance dictating what we can and cannot do.


lucky13 - July 14

That is aggravating about ins. companies, they should trust the Drs in deciding what treatment is best for us, not everything is so textbook.

There is only one dentist in my area that fits mouthpeices for sleep apnea and my medical ins said it would be a dental claim and my dental said, no it was a medical issue so it would be a medical claim. So I canceled that appt and went with the machine.


January - July 14

Does anybody know what the CPAP machines cost in the US?

I do have the problem with daytime sleepiness sometimes. Just hits me, and I could drop. Sometimes I think it is connected to sugar intake… but sometimes not. Maybe it is sleep apnea. Though now that I sleep on my side, I don't snore so much. Oh, shut up January and get the test!... I just don't wanna go! : (



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