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Sleep meds
10 Replies
Mike - September 11

What sleep meds have people found relief from insomnia with?


Parker - September 3

I take CLONAZEPAM works great to knock you out for sleep & also for anxiety....


Jozette - September 3

I take clonazepam for anxiety and sleep and tiznanidine for muscle relaxing and sleep. Both are great!


Brandy - September 3

I take Zanaflex, a muscle relaxer.


R.S.Hagen - September 5

Have used Elevil(amytriptaline), or flexeril (muscle relaxer), They help but I am drug sensitive and have to take extremely low doses or have a hard time waking up. A new medicine I am trying is Gabapentin (neurontin), for nerve pain, helps me sleep also without the brain fog in the morning.


Lynne - September 5

I take elavil and older sleeping pill on nights I am restless. I use the older medications since my health plan does not cover the newer meds.


JJ - September 5

I take Elavil, but it doesn't always help me fall asleep (but I think i don't always take it early enough in the evening, either). I may lay in bed awake for a while before falling asleep, but once I do fall asleep, I sleep very soundly.


Dani - September 9

I take Elavil (100 mg.) and Soma (500 mg.) at bedtime to sleep through the night- anything less doesn't get it done!


Virg - September 9

I take Trazadone. helps me sleep deeper and
longer. I do wake up but it puts me right back
to sleep. After 7 hours I'm not groggy from
the drug.


Pearl - September 11

Hello Mike, I take Flexeril at night time. It relaxes the muscles and has a sedative effect which I find helps me fall asleep and wake up less. You can ask your doctor for a prescription. This med is pretty inexpensive.


Debra - September 11

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