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Sleep I need sleep please help me
7 Replies
axxie - August 15

Hi, I've been told by so many doctors that I have fibro that I don't want to count anymore, it took years but finally now doctors all say I have the 18 points.... wow, like I didn't know, now can someone please tell me how to sleep. I still hold a job believe it or not, but I can't sleep, I have tried different remedies, pills and hormone replacement therapy but I cannot fall asleep.

So yesterday it was 10 p.m. yes, I feel it's time for me to go to bed, I go to bed, hubby settles next to me, I close the window so I don't have to hear any noise, I close the door in the bedroom so I won't see light or hear noise, we are both settling for sleep. Two hourse later I'm not sleeping, I have put something over my eyes to block the light, finally after a few hours of not sleeping I go downstairs take a pain pill and watch tv until I feel sleeping again. So tired, I tossed and turned like a puppet but didn't get any rest, how the hell I'm I suppose to sleep.....


axxie - August 15

I don't have sleep apnea I just have problems falling a sleep, my brain runs like a mouse in a wheel......


Tspringer - August 15

Have you tried using a "white noise" device? Try reading for a bit when you go to bed... and don't watch TV before you go to bed. TV stimulates the brain, not good if you have insomnia.

I assume you have tried Melatonin? My wife really benefits from the liquid form.



axxie - August 15

I will try the white noise device, as for melatonin I unfortunately cannot take. I think tonight what I will try to go to bed before hubby and see if that works.

I starting to think that I do have a problem, it's been so long, gotta have my daughtr in the house by a certain time (she's 18 and not at university at the moment) so she doesn't always come home by 11 if you know what I mean. I have to check everyting, close up the house tight, windows closed etc. have the cat inside and that doesn't always happen, the lights have to be closed and then I feel better and feel that I can now rest. It's a little habit I picked up when hubby was in afghanistan. Somehow I think that has something to do with me not sleeping, if not everyone is not in and snug and safe. If not then I start to dictate to myself what I need to do tomorrow, who to call, what I will say, talk to the employees and how I want things done, I can't seem to be able get off the wheel, then I get fustrated and then a few hours have passed and I can't sleep, so off I go to the washroom and then I turn the tv on watch it until I feel sleep, usually with some kind of pain pill to get me going. I know what I'm doing is not healthy, my problem how to I get off the merry go round.


kvc33 - August 16

You are exhibiting some symptoms of anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. You think that if everything is perfect it will relieve your anxiety but it doesn't. You are going to have to work at this for a while. Make a new routine of doing some deep breathing exercises daily and especially before bed. Try some decaf green tea before bed. It has theanine in it which increases GABA in the brain which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that slows the mind down. When you start to plan your next day mentally, quickly jot down a few notes and tell yourself you are done and prepared for the next day and therefore it is safe to go to sleep. Once in bed, resist the urge to move around, it further stimulates the brain and makes it harder to fall asleep. With some practise you will beat this.


lucky13 - August 16

Have you tried music, On nights when I find my mind wanering and worrying, I have an app on my phone that is meditation/relaxation music, I turn this on and focus on the music instead of my thoguhts.
I have a nightly routine I must do as well, I have to double check all the doors to make sure they are locked and the alarm is on, if I'm in bed and don't remember doing those things i have to get up.
I have General Anxiety Disorder, it is what causes my nightly routine. When it's not under control I worry about stupid things, and scary things and my mind can't rest, but the antidepressant I am taking helps my anxiety so it's managable now.

I would suggest starting a new bedtime routine, just like we do with our kids when they are young. You want yours to be relaxing so find what works for you, a warm bath, some yoga, deep breathing or reading. That way after a week or to once your routine has started your body will know that, that's a sign to start shutting down for the night.

Good luck


axxie - August 17

I visited the doctor and she gave me some sleeping pills see if it helps. She doesn't think I have anxiety or have a problem with obsessive compulsive disorder. She thinks that my mind wonders because I had to rely on myself for along time and that I need to change the bedtime rountine. I am to make a change every evening, so yesterday I put the ceiling fan on high it makes a little wishing noise, it's a faint wishing noise and so at bedtime I was able to focus on that. I was so tired yesterday that no mater what I would have slept anyway. Tonight I sleep with my new pillow and I've cleared everyting off my dresser and I 've closed the double doors to my walk-in so that I don't see any disorder.

I know there are all temporary things and tonight I shall have a pencil and pad beside my bed, and make a few notes, that should help also.

Is there lots of you who have chronic sleeping problems?


Nee_ster310 - September 12

My mom has went thru the same thing that you have went thru. She had many doctors that shez been with. Now, My mother went to the a new doctor about 4 months ago and the doctor refereed my mom to go and order a product online to try for her fibro. Its an all natural product. She said this product has the highest antioxidants in the world. Its called Kyani. Well, I and my mother tried it at the same time with in the 2ed week I started not feeling the pain. For my mothers fibro it took a month and a half. Within the 3 weeks my mom started sleeping and it has been 14 years since she slept thru the night and now she is snoozing away. I asked the doctor if I can give this info to friends and family and she said its for everyone who would like to order. I call Kyani's customer service at #208-529-9872 #283378 my mom orders online at and give them the docs Distributor #283378 The three product that Dr. Baird let us know about is Nitro Extreme, kyani sunrise and kyani sunset. I just went ahead nd got my own membership #.This stuff truly works and wished that all doctors knew about this. Well Rahin, All I can say is try it for yourself. I cant believe that doctors dont know about this.



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