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Sleep Apnea
6 Replies
fibrochica - December 7

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to ask if anyone else has sllep apnea and uses a C-PAP machine? I had my machine before the FM came on and was pretty well used to it by then. Now, however, I find I cannot wear my "mask" for longer than about an hour. I use a nasal mask and it doesn't bother me on my face, but the head band part that keeps the mask in place drives me insane! It's not like I get alot of sleep anyway, but when I try to use my C-PAP machine, it is even worse.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

God Bless!


Canada17 - December 7

I don't have sleep apnea so I don't use a C-PAP.

However, I cannot wear headbands and sometimes my reading glasses bother me. Headbands give me crazy headaches! Even the special ones by goody that have an angled end to prevent the pressure from being right behind your ear don't help me.

I used to be able to wear headbands and even a couple of years ago I could wear them for at least a day without problem. Now, if I wear one for more than 20 minutes the pain is totally distracting and if I don't take it off I end up with a headache that will turn into a migraine. So, no more headbands : (


Crystallinegreen - December 19

I have fibromyalgia and am also a registered sleep tech (RPSGT). There are different types of nasal masks and headgears. What kind of material is your heargear? Do you know the name of the mask? Some seem to be a little softer or less intrusive than others.
Also, I saw you said you can only wear your mask for about an hour a night. Some patients that come into the sleep clinic have had weight changes and cannot handle the pressure they are on because it is not the right amount of airflow. If you have had weight changes and you are not on the right pressure it can absolutely affect your tolerance to wear the mask. You could also feel like your sleep is worse due to being on the worng pressure of air. How long has it been since you have had a sleep study?

Crystallinegreen, RPSGT ;)


Fantod - December 19

I don't have apena either. But, I am extremely sensitive to any kind of pressure. I can't wear an ear piece for my cellphone. I've tried all types - the pressure and pain make me very uncomfortable. Somedays, any earrings are optional regardless of the weight. So far, I don;t have any problems with my glasses but that will probably be next....


katrinalove_1 - December 21

Hi fibrochica, I had a c-pap machine for a year and had to change to a bi-pap machine with a nazel mask. My head band slides down my forehead and the air wakes me up. I have restless leg syndrome with my fibro., so I turn and move my legs a lot during sleep. I do sleep longer at one time than I did before the bi-pap was used. Before the bi-pap, I use to wake up often with shortness of breath. God Bless.


axxie - December 21

I don't have sleep apnea, and if I did, I would not wear the c-pact. I know lots of people who got sold the c-pact and end up not using it..... and are normal and don't suffer from anything....


gzusrox - December 21

I have sleep apnea it was diagnosed way before i thought i had fibro. I am overweight so that is prob why i have it, no way to tell for sure. I used to have no problems with dry mouth but now my cpap bothers me even when i use the humidifier, it dries out my nasal passages and i already have problems with that without the cpap. I have stopped using it for now as i cant seem to keep my mouth closed and dont have a chin strap.



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