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claire17 - April 22

i was just wondering how many people have fibro caused by the rem sleep problem as my doctor wont properly diagnose me and wont hear me out . It says that your brain is alert even when you are asleep which sounds like what i have because i know when i am asleep and can wake myself out of dreams in fact i even control my dreams also i get a lot of sleep paralysis and often jerk myself out of sleep somehow my legs movng...? well anyway i was told that yes i probably do have fibro but there was nothing i could do about it but if i knew if it was the rem sleep thing is there anything i can do about it? thankyou


schmind - April 22

I have had the sleep roblems you talk about. I have a very good family doc who after I complained for several years finally decided to put me on a sleeping med. (it's callled Imovane her in Canada but I think goes by a different name in the US. It wasn't til a few years after going on the sleep meds that I was finallydiagnosed with Fibro my 2 rheumatologists. Now my family doc realizes where my sleep problems were coming from. Good luck on "getting through" to your doctor.


JJ1 - April 23

Amytriptyline (Elavil) is commonly prescribed for FMS sufferers and is used to aid in getting to REM sleep. It has done wonders for me, so the lack of deep restful sleep must have been a big part of my problems. I am not cured or symptom free, but definitely much much better when taking Elavil. Some people have weight gain problems as a side effect of Elavil, but it has not affected me.


bharmon - April 23

Hi claire17 and boy are we all in trouble. Sleep is precious to us FMS patients and I'm up at all hours of the night and a lot of the dreaming is the medication - what do you take. The problem is that most of the dreams are not pleasant. I am thinking of trying B12 shots and herbal teas at night. I'm good at saying what I will do but as the night wares on, all I want is a fix (tramadol)pain pill. Its hard to know what to do but I guess we just need to pray that it will get better. Good luck and remember, there are few doctors who really think that we are sick - they choose to ignore our symptoms but THEY ARE WRONG...


claire17 - April 23

thanks heaps .. all im on at the moment is pain killers and anti inflamatorys i think perhaps it is diffrent with diagnosinf fibro in new zealand than the us because ive been to two different doctors and a rheumatologist and being sent to a neurologist but my main doctor says that there is no cause for fibro and that its only a name for a chronic pain disorder so its very frustratig because when i say about the odd sleeping she says its extremely comman and has nothing to do with it but reading all the information it makes me think maybe some sleep aid may help improve my symptoms.. did anyone go to a sleep clinic? can you test for rem sleep?



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