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Skype anyone?
43 Replies
Fantod - February 5

You'll find it online - just use Google. If you have a microphone on your computer, you are all set. A webcam is nice but necessary. The free program takes about 10 seconds to download. Calls between Skype users are free anywhere in the world. It is very easy to use.

Noca is our leader in this endeavor -his Skype name is: keith45678. Send a request to add him to your contact list including that you are from the FMS board. Find him and you'll find the rest of us! Welcome and I hope that your bad head is feeling better!


Fantod - February 5

I meant to say that a webcam is nice but NOT necessary. I am apparently thinking faster than I can


Fantod - February 12

Free calls via the Internet anywhere in the world to other Skype users. Join the revolution!


Pinxie - February 18

Hi, I just joined up and found this.It's a fantastic idea. I've sent a few messages out and hope to be added and to find others as well.. I'd love to chat about this condition to others who understand, it can be so isolating a lot of the time.

I love skype.



OnaJourney - February 18

I hope that if anything new, different or exciting comes from your Skype discussions, that you will share it with the rest of us (perhaps a "Skype Report").


January - February 18

Second that idea for a Skype Report!!


alivenotliving - February 20

Absolutely! I downloaded it yesterday but found out that I need a USB headset to use it...I could hear my daughter talking to me through my comp but she couldn't hear me because my laptop doesn't have a built in mic :( So as soon as I get one I will add you all. This forum has really made me feel more up. Tahks to all of you out there!


alivenotliving - February 20

WOW! Nice typos! I'm sure I meant to say thanks to all of you out there! ;)


Sandybeach - February 25

dunno if i done this right but my name on skype is sandybeach58 will someone add me to make sure i dont it right thanx xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Fantod - February 26

Sandybeach - I sent you a request to be on contact on Skype!


englishrose - March 1

Hi everyone i have just downloaded skype and think its a very good idea..Would value having contact with some or all of you..My skype is roseenglish1807 feel free to add me look forward to chatting to you...I'm from the uk btw..


Fantod - March 8

Don't be shy! Join us!


Fantod - March 21

Come one, come all....



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