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Skype anyone?
43 Replies
peachmelba - January 22

hi there love the skype idea, if anyone would like to skype me its vikki hemingray. please put fibro friend on though otherwise i wont answer. had crank calls before. in uk also. so if in america there will be a time difference.


sleepingin91 - January 22

Hey guys, great idea :) I have skype but I don't currently have a microphone, but I can still use the instant messaging part of it. My nick is

Hope to chat to you guys soon :)


canadacalling - January 23

Oh my gosh, I was just speaking about this to my son this week. I would love to have it because of my family in Michigan. But then Fantod could always call them for me!!! I will read emails again about getting set up then look out.

I received a GPS for Christmas, so now I can go and not get lost. What a thrill that was. Technology never stops does it.


Fantod - January 23

Well, Hi there Susan. I was getting really worried about you. I hope that your cloud has lifted.

Skype is easy. Go online and find the homepage for Skype. Download the program that is compatible with your computer. That takes about 10 seconds. Make a note of your Skype name so fibro fog doesn't get the best of you (lol). Skype will then "reside" in the toolbar on the lower right hand side of your computer screen. Everytime you turn on your computer, Skype loads automatically. Just click on the Skype logo on the toolbar and it will open up. You can add contacts from there. You can look people up using their email (like your son) and if they are not Skype users send them an invitation to join. It works very well. I talk to my cousins who live in England and New Zealand all of the time. Lots of fun and I can give them a good scare sans makeup with my webcam. Join us!


hummingbird - January 24

Hi my skype is jan-maria if any one would like to chat some time.


toots2889 - January 25

Its been awhile since ive been able to check in on the board. My life has been alittle crazy right now, but should start getting better now since i got my sons college paperwork done! Im so pleased to see that 3 more of you are gonna join us on skype! Since i started using it, I absolutely love it! If i need to talk to someone, and no ones around, I just sign on to sype. I can usually catch someone on there to talk to. If I have a question about something, I can try calling Fantod, or Noca to get me an answer. Try it, you have absolutely nothing to loose. If you dont like it, you just shut down your skype, its that simple. Hope to see more of you on skype!


Fantod - January 26



Tishy - January 29

Hi I stumbled accross this site trying to find answers solutions for my FM. I have had it for many years but have been dignosed for 2yrs. I feel very alone & not sure which way to turn i would love to join the skpe talks if i may. I havent got an account with skpe yet but will set it up as soon as i get off here. I hope to hear from you all,
Blessings Trish


Fantod - January 29

Tishy - You are more than welcome to join us on Skype. Noca has listed his Skype name; he is our fearless leader in this enterprise. Find him on Skype and you'll find the rest of us. And, welcome to the board!


Fantod - February 3

Anyone else?


toots2889 - February 3

Tishy, I welcome you to the board, and hope you do join us on skype! I would love to chat with you.


jrzgirl1 - February 4

does skype cost $$$$$$$$$$$


toots2889 - February 5

NO! Skype is free to download and use.


Fantod - February 5

Join us!


Sandybeach - February 5

w do i get this skype thing? can anyone tell me?


Fantod - February 5

You'll find it online - just use Google. If you have a microphone on your computer, you are all set. A webcam is nice but necessary. The free program takes about 10 seconds to download. Calls between Skype users are free anywhere in the world. It is very easy to use.

Noca is our leader in this endeavor -his Skype name is: keith45678. Send a request to add him to your contact list including that you are from the FMS board. Find him and you'll find the rest of us! Welcome and I hope that your bad head is feeling better!



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