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Skype anyone?
43 Replies
Noca - December 25

I think talking about our problems together on Skype could help a few of us out.

Feel free to add me if you need/want someone to talk to :)

Skype - keith45678


Fantod - December 25

Cool - I have it and I am going to add you. Watch for my request. Evelyn


Fantod - December 26

People - Noca has an EXCELLENT idea here. Why none of us thought of it before now is a mystery.

For those of you who are not familiar with Skype: You can find it online. It is an Internet phone service that is FREE for people calling other Skype users. Very easy to download. All you need is a microphone on your computer. If you also have a webcam that is nice but not necessary. I bought a headset with a microphone and a webcam from Skype. The voice quality is excellent. I have friends and relatives all over the world. This is a convenient and inexpensive way to keep in touch.

Anyone else willing to join the technology revolution?


axxie - December 26

I'm in,
my skype is: sandra.isabelle92

evening our fine for me, unless I'm off work for whatever reason.

Skype is great suggestion, it's no cost, except a little hardware for your pc.



Fantod - December 26

Axxie - Watch for my request on Skype. Evelyn


axxie - December 26

OK Evelyn, I'll watch for it. Sandra


Noca - December 27

Added both of you but haven't seen you online to talk with.


Fantod - December 27

Noca - Saw you on Skype this morning. I have appointments today. I will try to catch up with you later on.


Stacey373 - December 27

Okay...I'm kind of feeling out of the loop here...LOL I don't have skype and I don't think my internet can handle it. I live out in the middle of nowhere and my internet sucks. But I will ask my husband today if we can try downloading it and see if it will work. I don't usually like talking on the phone because I have kids and dogs that are always loud in my house!

But if any of you want to email me, I would love to hear from all of you. Keith (noca) and I have been emailing each other for awhile now and he has become a very good friend. I figure with all of my issues...I need all the friends I can get! LOL

But I will try the skype thing too...Stacey :o)


Noca - January 2



toots2889 - January 4

Hello everyone! I to am now on skype! If anyone needs or wants someone to talk to, join skype! If your unsure of how it works, or not sure how to get it, let any of us know and we will help you.
Its really pretty easy.



Auvonto - January 5

hum i've been hearing about this skype but havent downloaded it. maybe i'll give it a try


toots2889 - January 6

If you do get it, let us know. We will have you add us to your list of contacts. I really like it,and will continue to use it.


Auvonto - January 6

thanks I will let you know


Fantod - January 13



Noca - January 22


Come on people!! join up and download/use Skype! Its FREE!!


peachmelba - January 22

hi there love the skype idea, if anyone would like to skype me its vikki hemingray. please put fibro friend on though otherwise i wont answer. had crank calls before. in uk also. so if in america there will be a time difference.



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