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Skin Rash?
5 Replies
belle1329 - March 5

Hi its me again, the hypro :(
I know have a skin rash between my breasts, Ive had for a week . I was thinking it may be a heat rash, since I get the night sweats and my neck and this area does sweat alot, but I did have sun poison there a few summers ago. Its now the 6th day and it is starting to hurt and the skin is dry and scaley around it (is inbetween but more along side of my left breast)I also have a dark brown skin coloration that traces the inprint of my breast line. Im going to make an appointment with my dermatologist if It continues to next week. Just wondering if anyone else has any skin problems. I do have rosacea on my face and am being treated for that. Im feeling much better today, last week I had a very bad flare up.The weather is much better here, in RI. I hope everyone else is feeling a bit better. Soft hugs and Thanks again..:)


Noca - March 5

I get rashes on the back of my hands for some reason. They dont itch or hurt though


Canada17 - March 5

You should definitely have this checked by your doctor. You could have eczema or it could be an allergic reaction to something. For example, I tried amitryptiline to help me sleep. Worked great, except I got painful blister-like pimples on my hands that were leaving scars. As soon as I stopped taking it they went away.

Whatever is causing the rash is likely being aggravated by your night sweats. Make sure to keep the area cool and dry as much as possible.


iliveinpain - March 5

Hi Belle, you are NOT a hypocondriac. We go thru enough without being labeled that :) I get horrible itchy scaly raised red bumps that I had to go to a dermatologist for. It is eczema that comes and goes, so, you do need to see the derma. More than likely he/she will give you a topical ointment that should provide you with some relief. :)


ptalana - March 6

Hi belle, and no you're not a hypo. It is estimated that 80% of fibro sufferers experience some kind of skin irritation. It is important to discuss this with your doctor as this could be a symptom of a non related fibro condition.
In the meantime using a otc cortisone cream, taking a warm bath with oatmeal and milk have been helpful in dealing with the rash. Also avoid using harsh soaps and detergents, keeping skin moist with gentle hypoallergenic moisturizer is very helpful as well.
I suffer from dark patches on my knees and elbows, not much I can do about it other than the above treatments. Just another one of those lovely fibro perks;)
Sending you gentle hugs, Patty


belle1329 - March 8

Thanks everyone, it has cleared up, I put some Neosporin on it. Next time Im waiting a week before I get nervous. Its always something with fibro , and when you get the least litte think I tend to get nervous, I dont want anything else
:( Fibro perks are enough! Thanks again.:)



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