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skin pain
10 Replies
sl73 - November 3

Is anyone elses skin painful to the touch. The skin on my legs is so sore that it hurts sometimes to put my socks on. Doctor says it is the fibro but I don't recall reading this with anyone else. I have been reading this site for a while but just decided to join in.


Debra4Real - November 4

Hi: s173 Yes i have the same pain as you do.The skin on my whole body feels like a extremely bad sunburn or like someone has poured acid on me.It burns and stings all the time.I do have fibromyalgia and Central Pain Syndrome.You should seriously speak to your Doctor about this.Ask your Doctor to check your P.H. body acid and have him send you for nerve testing.Please dont let this wait.Go get it checked A.S.A.P....I hope to hear back from you and i hope that you will feel better soon.Take Good Care...Always Debra...


sl73 - November 6

Thanks Debra - My skin only hurts on my legs and doesn't sound as bad as yours but I will definately get to my doctor and have the P.H. body acid and share your information. I really appreciate your concern.


Wanda - November 9

s731. Yes, I think that's part of the fibro. Mine is especially sore tothe touch on my upper chest (up to my neck). It's been like that for years. Best of God's blessings as you deal with this daily.


Pajamakitty - November 12

I have troublr verbalizing exactly what hurts. I guess "tissue pain" works best. Sometimes I think it's my skin...sometimes it's deeper.


AmberRose - November 25

is it maybe light or sun sensitivity? i know when im in the sun for too long it feels horrid and itchy and sore if i scratch it even without finger nails...i feel much better if idont go outside inthe summer sucks but not as bad as haivng painfull skin


TERESA - November 25

Amber Rose, have you been checked for Lupus lately? That sounds like the luus rash I have when I am in the sun. It is called discoid lupus or lupus erythematosis. Have your DR run an ANA test on you & I pray that is not what is causing your skin problems!!


colleen steele - November 25

Hello s173, I too have skin that hurts.I told my Dr. that the water in the shower was hurting my skin.He did say it was part of the fibro.He also told me to continue taking showers and to let it hit me as hot as I can and for as long as I can,it will act like a mini massage. I do it everyday now and I found for me it really works,even if it only last for a short while after I get out of the shower.But I figure any minute that ease's my pain is a good minute. I think skin hurting is very frustrating.Especially when I see my grandson and the other kids want to run into my arms,littles eyes filled with love and excitment and I have to watch out how I let them approach me.I hate that this is something we fibros even have to think about. Anyway I hope you are feeling good today,and maybe you could try the shower thing,and if you do I hope it works for you also. Take Care,Colleen


TERESA - November 25

Oh Colleen, I know exactly what you mean!!!!! This Thankgiving my son, who is about 6'3" & 230lbs, came up & gave me a big bear hug. The kind where he just wraps all arond me & picks me up off the floor about 2 foot. I knew it was coming & I brased myself for it (he's always done it)!! I have always LOVED IT!! I am only 5'4" & 120lbs & it hurt like H... !!!! I didn't say a word!!! I just ENJOYED IT in pain!! This illness takes so many thing from me (: P) !!!! I have never thought of the shower thing I need to buy a shower head & try that! I am living in a old farm house that has a well with an old shower head so I don't have much pressure, but I think I will add a shower massage head to my Christmas WISH LIST!! Thanks for the tip!!


AmberRose - November 25

actaully i did have that ana test during the summer but it came back its not lupus but i knwo that the sensitivity can come with hypothyrodism and also hopefully its the thyroid and the meds im on will help that...i wont really no untill next summer..but i was totally freaked otu that i had lupus for awhile b4 the tests came back because of that. The heat also brings out my fms symptoms. at least i think it does every time i go in the sun my hands get that swollen feeling and hurt for a long time!


CarrieLee - December 13




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