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Skin Hypersensitivity and Itching
3 Replies
Lisa K - December 5

For the past four years, throughout certain times of the year, I have been experiencing a sometimes unbearable hypersensitivity of my skin, particularly the skin on my legs that makes it uncomfortable or difficult to wear clothes, (mainly pants). It almost feels as though my skin is razor burned, and it itches as though I am wearing scratchy wool on a sunburn even when the fabric is cotton. It tends to improve in the summer (an easier time regardless because I can wear shorts, etc.) but there seems no connection to UV exposure or vitamin D. I have seen dermatologists, a neurologist, an allergy/immune doctor, and a holistic doctor. Nothing I've tried topically or taken orally has helped much.

I have never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, although I have had irritable bowel syndrome, and last year suffered from muscle cramps and pain in my legs that was equally mysterious. In large part, I don't seem to have the primary symptoms or tender points typical of the disease. However, the only place I have seen my kind of skin pain described is as one possible symptom of fibromyalgia. Does anyone else have this kind of skin discomfort? I am looking for things I might try, like Neurontin. I have already tried Elavil, which did not help much. Anti inflammatories and antihistamines seem to have no effect.
Thank you,


Jean - November 16

Have you had a complete physical and a total lab workup for other possibilities such as diabetes, sjournes syndrome, RA just to get other things out of the way?


Sherry - December 4

I have the same symptom of hypersensivity on my left leg which also comes and goes. If you find an anwer, please let me know.


Jean - December 5

Have you thought about restless leg syndrome? It has the same affects as Fibromyalgia. Remember other conditions can mimic Fibromyalgia. What you are probably feeling are the nerves in your legs being miss fired as I am told with certain weird things that happen with me. Your CNS is hypersensitive right now. Klonopin might be a help although some have been on Neurotin. You just need to find what mediccation will work with you. A Rheumatologist or even a psychologist that handle neurological malfunctions could help, you with this. Hope you feel better.



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