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Sinusitis--can anyone help me with this one?
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kvc33 - February 23

I have gotten to the point where I have a sinus headache every day. Activity makes it worse. The only thing that helps it go away is migraine medication (zomig). I have no idea what is causing it. I have played around with my meds and supplements and none of them seem to be the cause. I think it may be viral as I often have a sore throat and ears at the same time, or perhaps it is a low-grade bacterial infection. It drives me nuts!


jrzgirl - February 23

try using a saline solution, it can be bought at any pharmacy otc


kvc33 - February 23

Yes, I do that a lot but it doesn't really seem to help.


Canada17 - February 23

Saline solution is a good remedy if your problem is dryness. But, your issue sounds a little more involved than that.

It sounds like you suffer from migraines as well as sinusitis, which can make your sinuses and ears feel affected. But it does sound like you have a serious case of sinusitis.

Have you tried sleeping with a humidifier by your bed? That may help with the ear nose and throat pain...


kvc33 - February 24

Yes, I have tried a humidifier. The ear, nose and throat pain bothers me mostly during the day but I do wake up with a stuffy nose. I find that putting sesame seed oil up my nose works well as a moisturizer, I just forget to do it most of the time. It is an ayurvedic (sp?) remedy. I've just ordered a pulsatile irrigator for my sinuses, we'll see if that helps.


tnichel - February 24

Try using a saline flush at night. Neilmed or the netti pott, although I prefer the bottle. It'll clean out all the gunk you nose traps during the day.It will also help with nasal dryness. It's kinda of gross but the first time the chiropracter realigned my neck, my nose drained all kinds us stuff. I mean a lot but the stuffy noses while sleeping went away. I was in heaven! Also, it could be a really bad allergies and not a sinus infections. Your pain could be coming from tense muscles and pressure in your neck or from tmj. I take topiramate 100mlg when I get bad headaches (OTC products did nothing for it). The injections in my neck and shoulders has made the headaches less frequent. While taking a shower, breathe in the steam and run the water on your face for about 5 minutes. That will also help break up congestion in your sinuses. Also, the humidifier is good to sleep with everynight if you have dry nasal passages but you won't be able to tell a difference until you get the other issues cleared up. Good luck!


Boston89 - May 25

I was just diagnosed with fibro today. My sinuses bother me for months at a time. I have post nasal drip, sore throat, and ear pain. I've been using Flonase and a netipot. Check with your pcp to make sure it isn't infected.


Fantod - May 25

Have you seen an ENT doctor?


Fantod - May 25

Have you considered environmental triggers like detergent, perfume, deoderant, or cleaning products? Are you using anything new that may have precipatated this problem?

Have you considered seeing a headache specialist and or an allergist?


Fantod - May 25

I'd highly recommend the book "Sinus Survival" by Robert S. Ivker. You can find it on Amazon.


axxie - May 26

I would like to put my two cents on the sinus headache etc. If you experience lots of sinus infections, you will find that once treated, and allergies return so does your sinusitis. Don't fret you need to take an antihistamine and saline solution every day. Once the allergy meds work, you find that that sinus attack will be infrequent. My doctor told me this, and has also told me, that people who have had sinus infection are prone to having sinusitis frequently. That is why they say to change your allergy meds, until you find one that controls your sinus. A word of advice, it takes two months before you can switch allergy medication, the reason is, your body needs to get a good time to react to your sinusitis, and not your allergies.



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