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Sinus problems - Day 3
9 Replies
HerRoyalHighness - August 26

I seem to have a new question/problem/complaint every day since finding this board - lol! Thanks to those who have the patience to answer all my questions!

I am starting Day 3 of Sinus Hell, a raging headache, feeling congested, pain in face, jaws, neck, head. Have tried heat (steam), pain reliever and small doses of pseudoephedrine. (Recommended dosage is too much, makes me a crazy woman - shaking, crying, no sleep, crazy thoughts... I believe it probably has a negative effect on the central nervous system.)

I read somewhere that sinus problems are common among fibro patients, but have checked through a number of sites I bookmarked and can no longer find that information. Headaches are mentioned but not sinus problems specifically. Does anyone else know of a connection?

More importantly, can anyone recommend something for relief? My sons suffer from sinus-related problems, too, though we seldom have them at the same time, which is odd if it is weather-related.


Stacey373 - August 26

Hi HRH! I deal with sinus problems and allergies all the time...have been since I was a teenager. this is probably going to sound strange to you...but the only meds that have ever helped to relieve my symptoms is Sudafed (pseudophedrine) the only thing they have ever done to me was make me tired for about the first week of taking them and then I get used to them again. Heck, there are times I WISH the ephedrine would give me a little bit of energy...but it doesn't! LOL

You might actually be dealing with a sinus infection. maybe go see your doctor and see if that's what's going on and then you can get on some antibiotics for it. allergy and sinus problems can quickly turn into an infection and when that happens, you will feel pretty terrible (like the way you are describing).

I have been told to clean my nasal passages out by using some sort of thing that squirts saline solution into each nostril. I'm not sure...but you might be able to buy some sort of "nose spray" that is only a saline solution to do this.

I have a friend who deals with sinus problems all the time and she just recently started doing this and she said it actually works pretty good....basically it cleans all the allergens and whatever out of your nose.....and maybe your sinuses too? (I've also had doctors tell me to do this procedure too)

I have a blood disorder and get frequent nose I can't try this because I'm guaranteed to get a nose bleed from doing it. But maybe you and your boys can try it and see if it helps?

Hope this helps, sorry I don't have more suggestions to help you. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Stacey373 - August 26

Oh! I forgot to tell you this...when I think I have a sinus headache, this is one of the things I do...

Get a pot of super HOT water and a washrag. Lay down and lay the hot rag on your forehead and over your eyes. Every time it starts to cool down, stick it back in the hot water. I will usually do this for about an hour and most of the time it helps a lot.

I'm not sure why...but this actually helps to relieve the pain and pressure in your sinuses and will also help relieve your headache too.

Stacey :o)


Smashing - September 7


I joined this site in hopes of finding some help with fibro issues, including severe sinus pain. The only thing that seems to help me is steam, Omnaris (Corticosteroid Nasal Spray)and pain med. Like every other major symptom of Fibro it will come and go, this bout has been 3 weeks so far. My upper teeth, face, head, everything hurts!!! My doctor doesn't recommend allergy meds as it is non-allergic Rhinitis and he too knows it will pass. Very little comfort when I wake up in the a.m and want to pack it in the pain is so bad!! lol. I hope you have more luck finding relief!


toots2889 - September 7

Hello everyone, Im no expert on this subject, you would get more info from Fantod. I can tell you that my son was struggling last year, and one of the things that our dr. had him do was get this nasal spray that had sea salt water. He used it a few times along with sudafed and it worked. Got me on why, but it did and i know he didnt like doing it cause it was nasty. Wish i couldve helped more.


canadacalling - September 7

Hi Stacey: You are lucky you can take sudafed we cannot even get in Canada. Iused to take it years ago, but because it has pseudophedrine) in it, and I have high BP, I canot take it now. I have a heck of a time when I get sinus, so I am on a cortosteriod puffer and that is it ! I think no one sells it in Ontario. Alot of stuff you get in the States that ywe can't get here because of the FDA. Hope you feel better soon.


deadgamegrrl - September 7

I am having horrible sinus issues too. I don't know where you are but ragweed is very bad this time of year and it is hitting me even harder this year probably due to the fibro. I am taking claritin (not the D with the pseudoephedrine b/c it wires me out like you) to at least take the edge off the worst of the symptoms. Today I broke down and took the 4hr sudafed because it doesn't seem to wire me as much and if it does at least its over with quicker). I can now somewhat breathe!
In the morning when its the worst standing in a hot shower seems to help open things up a little, but unfortunately I cant stay in there all day!

Take care & hope you find relief soon.


HerRoyalHighness - September 11

I have tried the saline spray and do use it but agree with the poster whose son said it was sickening! Yuck! I also tried a neti pot and darned near drowned myself. I've done it three times and still haven't mastered the technique.

I find myself massaging my face, head, neck - even my ears, and sometimes that helps.

My doctor prescribed Flonase steroid spray and sometimes it will help, other times, not so much. My husband is encouraging me to look into surgery as he knows several people who have had it done. They often end up having the surgery more than once, though, and I'm not too thrilled with the idea.


m.e. - September 18

Hi. Self-proclaimed "sinus expert" here. Had sinus surgery a few years back and took allergy shots for 2 years (weekly). I am on a regimen of claritin, singulair, and this liquid med (pulmicort respules) which I mix with saline to put into my sinuses with a syringe. Not fun but it ususally works. Since I slacked off recently (I seem prone to sinus infections when outdoor allergy conditions are bad, and when I indulge in more sugar or wine...go figure..the fun stuff!). I kept my windows closed over the summer and ran the air conditioner and that seemed to help considerably. I get relief from a headache/migraine med (IC Butal apap). Running the cold mist humidifier all the time when home in the cooler weather makes a difference too since sinuses need moisture. These headaches are no fun and seem exacerbated with the fibro. Hope these suggestions help...


HerRoyalHighness - September 19

Thanks for the suggestions and real-life experiences. :)



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