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sinus headaches?
4 Replies
JOEGIRL - February 24

Just this pass couple months I have been getting headaches. My dr. said I had a sinus infection. Now it coming back I think. Does this go with fibro?? Like we need more pain somewhere else. I don't think there is anymore new places my body can hurt. At least I hope not.


peachmelba - February 24

hi there. i'm afraid it is fms thats doing it to you. i suffer most day's with pain in top side of head, above and below the eyes, down the back of my ears .i even have earache now. everyday i wakeup i start sneezing and then my nose starts running like i have a really bad cold. i've suffered from allergic rhinitis since i was very young about 7years old i'm nearly hitting 37 so i have suffered 30 years. some days are really bad. do you get a sharp pain in the top right hand side of your head like its going into your brain? and also do you get a really sensitive scalp thats sore to touch because i think this is sinus pain aswell!


axxie - February 26

Try aerius for your sinus and salt water wash for your sinus, it helps a great deal, it helps ward off the big pain.

As for new places your body can hurt, try anywhere, you'll notice days that your body hurts in places you never thought you had, it's called welcome to FMS and Trigger points.

Are you generally able to make a full day or do you need to sleep during the day.


JOEGIRL - February 26

I ended up going back to my family dr. I have a bad sinus and ear infection again.. so here I am miserable but on more meds and another shot so hopefully this will clear up. I havn't done anything but lay around all day long.
As for sleeping during the day. I sleep late in the mornings. If I get up early ,I am so tired and dragging by afternoon. I work in afternoons and nights. There is no way I could hold a job that I would have to be there early, brighteyed and bushytailed.I only work part time anyway. Have to do what I can do to make ends meet and pay for my health insurance. I have bluecross and it's a good one but high and goes up every year
I hope everyone is having a good day today .


momerath42 - March 1

I get sinus infections all the time. I don't think it is necessarily related to fibro but I guess it might be... I have had severe allergies/asthma my whole life. I guess there could be a connection, who knows?



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